Backing Up Data again from Cloud edition

I can’t backup my data after using the cloud edition to return to my desktop edition… in every tab its only asking for subscription

The Backupbutton is not within any tab. It is part of the business-level window. It functions the same way regardless of what tab you might currently be viewing.

Can you post a screen shot of the message you see after clicking the button?

thanks for your fast reply, i totaly agree with you that backup button is supposed to be in the interface not in a tab but in my case it’s not available and thats the problem, i have attached a screenshot from my phone, and its as the same on my PC, note:- when i click any tab this message appear…

When you sign up for the Cloud edition of Manager, you have a free trial period of 7 days dring which you can enter data and view reports, etc

When the 7 day period is up, you need to buy a subscription if you want to access the data you have entered including doing a backup to copy the data to the free Desktop version

The error is quite specific about the reason and how to solve the problem

Hello Joe,
As you can see in the attached photo from website for the cloud version features. it says that there is no lock in after you downgrade. So i tried the free version of the cloud imagining that i can backup at anytime even when using the free cloud version.

That was so upsetting, anyways if someone can help to retrieve my data i would be thankful.

You note that it says

Downgrade back to free desktop edition at any point of time in future. Unlike other cloud accounting solutions, with us, you will never lose access to your data when you stop your subscription as you can always download full backup and import into desktop edition for free.

But as you never started your subscription, …

Anyway, how much data did you enter in the 7 days? Surely you can do it again in the desktop version

Hmmm I didn’t notice that…
I didnt add to much thankfully that there is a week off vacation here in egypt otherwise i would have been screwed :joy:
I appreciate Your effort and will to help,
Thank you and i will re add them again on my desktop version