Desktop edition to server edition

I am currently using desktop edition and wanted to try the sevrer edition free trial before i proceed to purchase the server edition.
Can I transfer the whole business file usong the back up file from desktop to server edition?

It works as normal, backup the desktop versions and restore it to the server version see Backup, restore and transfer businesses
The only difference is when your free trial expires you will no longer have access to hosted (cloud) data, so back up the cloud data file to a local location, prior to your trial expiring.

Thank for the info.

We actually allow to download backups from cloud edition even if free trial expires or subscription is cancelled. We are not holding anyone’s data hostage.

See (there is Download Backup button)


This should really be on the front page of :+1:

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I agree it is an important pervasive philosophy of Manager. It is actually already prominently displayed on the cloud page and cloud price page. There has been some confusion about what happens at the end of a trial period, or perhaps Manger has recently been enhanced.

I suspect the cloud version deserves it’s own guide, which would fit nicely in the “First steps” → “Software version” section of the guide. There are a few functions specific to the cloud versions such as:

  • Extra back up options
  • URL setup
  • Subscription renewal (before expiry, after expiry vs starting a subscription)
  • Administrator password reset
  • Other white label features such as extra URL, help link

Particularly given even with a reasonable forum search this information has not been that obvious eg:


And for large data files

are you asking about the server edition or cloud edition? they are both different.
all the answers given were related to cloud edition which is hosted on Manager servers whereas a server edition is self hosted.
to answer your initial question, yes you can switch between any edition of Manager without losing your business data.

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I am using desktop for quite some months now coming from quicken. And I must say, a very good job you do. My congratulations.

My question is the following:
The free for ever desktop version is very nice. But

Did you consider a limited to one single user cloud version to allow us to access it on different devices?

Ps I understand a company can share the credentials to different individuals, but I am a positive man trusting people not to do that:-)

A happy user

Paul (europe)

@Paulfs, you can already do that by moving your application data folder to the cloud. See the Guide: Move desktop application data to another folder | Manager.

Hi Tut

Thank for the quick reply and happy new year to you and all in the team

But, moving to the cloud for single user for a tiny business means a subscription of appr $40 month, wich does not make real sense

For single user a fee of 40/year would be more suitable IMHO.



Did you read the Guide? Free cloud services are available for modest storage allowances, and you can add storage capacity to many for very little money. Storing your Manager data in the cloud involves no cost unless your cloud storage itself has a cost.

sorry for not yet understanding

On the cloud page I do not locate the “Free cloud services are available for modest storage allowances” only the 7 day trial and 39usd/mnth?


@Paulfs, you are misunderstanding. I am not referring to any Manager service. I am trying to tell you that you can move your Manager data anywhere—including a cloud storage service that you obtain for free. Once your data is in the cloud, the desktop edition will access it there. So any computer that can run Manager can access that data, as long as internet access is available. You do not need to subscribe to anything related to Manager. Only if you exceed the free storage limit on your cloud service (such as Dropbox or iCloud) would you have any cost.

Aaaah, oooh

Clear, will continue to use the desktop version, which I appreciate



This is still working?

I am not seeing any backup button,

I have purchased new subscription from another email, I just need backup.

@lubos @Tut


There’s a button inside each business for that. You need admin rights or at least full access for that button to show.

I was using cloud trial version and it got expired and now I am not seeing any backup data button

You shouldn’t rely on free trial to store your actual data.

You could’ve used the desktop version if you wanted to test it for extended period.

Go to the cloud customer service portal
And select download a backup