Group payslip at once

Hey Mr ,when we can be able to print Payroll details in one page and easly calculate SDL and Other Funds and Contributions i think there is a much need to do some sort of setting in Employee and Payslip place cause contributions are not easy deduced from salary and other Funds needs to calculate in Percentage of wages/salary Good example Social Security Funds in Tanzania Employee contribute 10% and Employer 5% please help to Set Easy such place.

Also you Remove the THEMES but in my view you must Return it Soon as possible just see it

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Manager is NOT a payroll system - it would be impossible to account for and keep track of payroll regulations and calculations across the different countries Manager is available in

Most businesses would use a local payroll package or service to calcuate payroll data

It is a valid request.

@Kandrossy, have you tried the Payslip Summary by Item by Employee report?

Also regarding the Social Security fund, you should create a Deduction item for the Employee’s 10% and a Contribution item for the Employer’s 5%. Then, you will have to calculate these values manually.

In case you pay fixed salaries, then Recurring Payslips will help since you will only do your calculations once when setting up your recurring payslip.

For payslip calculations, this is already in ideas. Check this topic:

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User is only requesting for enhancements for Payroll Module

For me I think the Payroll Module is GREAT. I prefer doing the calculations (paysheet) on a spreadsheet and then making a copy I could easily import into Manager in a badge operation. It works great especially in environments where salary structure doesn’t change frequently.

You can easily create multiple payslips using Batch operations.


You astonished me my Friend we need manager program to control all of our busness in order to be sure with the actual Profits you gets so i recommends its to have simple implementations in Payroll system in order to simplify our task and works

Then you need to buy a fully customised software system. They are available, but you are a couple of orders of magnitude out in price point you are looking at.

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