Human Resource Information System

@lubos Manager is one of the most complete integrated Accounting package I have ever seen and I think adding a Human Resource Information System will be great, in fact it has it but not complete just need to add few more items to make it complete and that would be a great selling point for manager. I am sure most of my colleagues in this forum will agree with me on this point.


What kind of informations? If they are not accounting info I don’t think they will fit the software.

I think Human Resource systems are better integrated with a payroll system.

Payroll systems are best supplied by software developers within a country or group of countries as payroll taxes and customs vary a lot from one country to the next

So I beg to differ that incorporating a HR system into Manager would be a good idea, sorry

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I think you have to be specific on the features you would want. If it is something that complements the payroll functionality of Manager for example it could be added eventually.

If you read the features of Manager here Features | Manager Payroll Management is mentioned. So any feature that can enhance the accounting for staff remuneration wouldn’t be a bad addition at all. But Manager’s current Payroll Management feature can do the job for Small Sized businesses.

Manager’s current Payroll Management feature can do the job for Small Sized businesses.

in countries where payroll processing is simple.

I use it for a small business in Ireland with a particularly simple payroll process where the social insurance and tax calculation are particularly simple because of the status of our employee - but if I had to do it for even 2 or 3 employees with normal social insurance and tax processing, I would use a proper payroll system - probably one of the online one that are now available at a reasonable cost

Can you share with us some of the features you get there that cannot be provided by Manager?
For me I just wish I could do a batch payroll entry where i click a few buttons and get payroll done for selected employees with a fixed salary structure.

The list would be far too long - social insurance costs, income tax deductions and social charges are all levied on the pay in Ireland with an incredible amount of ingenuity on the part of the revenue for extracting money in complicated manners with thresholds, rates, rules that would require complicated programming to implement not to speak of annual changes and other impromptu changes eg in relation to CIVID-19 a whole new set of changes were implemented
For example income tax can be levied on a week by week basis or a cumulative basis and use different thresholds from week to week
And that is just one country

I can confirm that in Italy it is unthinkable to calculate and issue payroll yourself. There are specialized companies and specialized software that do just that. The majority of the work is to remain in line with all the changing legal provisions.


Not sure what that means but I’m not convinced it would be useful for me.

I have no intention of writing the code to support every possible users tax calculation, however entering the formula used by a few employees all with similar circumstances is not that hard particularity when the results can be easily checked against a calculator provided by the tax department.

  1. The ability for a user to enter a formula to calculate the tax would be the most valuable feature

  2. Batch sending emails the second most useful for me.


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Let’s please get back on track. This topic was about human resource information, not payroll.

@lamin.manneh, that kind of functionality would be highly specific to individual countries. Therefore, it is not a good candidate for inclusion in Manager. Simple information about employees, like hire date, dependents status, last promotion date, etc., can be entered in the Employees tab using custom fields. But Manager has no infrastructure to support employment contracts, performance reviews, retirement eligibility, health insurance, or any of the many other things involved with human resource management. It’s an accounting program. Currently, Manager will not even track vacation accrual. And, as others have made clear, its payroll functions are quite basic.

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It would be great to show available leave on the payslip for a specific employee and how much leave was taken a specific month for example. We are obliged to show that on payslips every month for employee’s info.

In Manager you will need to create payslip custom fields for

  • Leave this month
  • Leave year to date

and manually update them for each payslip