Customizable Calculation Report

Hi @lubos

Just to give you an idea.

Is it possible in future if you can create a customizable report (e.g: Summary tab) so we can create a Customizable Calculation Report where we can have a selection whether to add / subtract items in balance sheet by % and value.

I’m imagine that it may be flexible if we can have a customizable Calculation Report to calculate Income Tax for the Company or any other straight forward calculation.

Those calculation e.g for tax are totally from the financial data in the balance sheet and profit and loss.

If you can extend this idea it would be perfect for business cycle.

Just an idea from me.

Thanks @lubos

@zmm, Manager is an accounting system. As such, it records transactions that have occurred, not arbitrary calculations like a spreadsheet. But you can export the reports you mentioned to spreadsheets and manipulate them however you desire.

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Hi @Tut,

Yes I agree with you.

It just because I already see some of the accounting software that can do the company tax calculation. So it may be good for manager in future.

Maybe @lubos can add some comment reg this idea.

Thanks @Tut & @lubos

There are great differences between accounting software and tax preparation software. Accounting software like Manager handles simple taxes applied to transactions, like VAT. That is a generic task, applicable anywhere. Comprehensive tax preparation is unique to a jurisdiction and is highly specialized. Accounting feeds tax preparation.

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In my opinion custom calculation fields would enhance Manager functionality in several areas such as payslip, depreciation schedules, item discount pricing, income tax provisioning (and probably other areas as well). All involve writing calculation results back into Manager, not just displaying a value as is currently supported via liquid programing. Several of these are already ideas:

So I support the concept. However I’m not sure how such functionality is best achieved to deliver sufficient simplicity that users can actually use the function, generality so it supports a sufficient breath of use cases, and robustness so it doesn’t inadvertently crash Manager. I haven’t reviewed how other accounting software supports this functionality.

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Maybe I should illustrate the layout for consideration by @lubos.

Will try asap

Calculation fields would be useful and are one thing. Calculation reports purporting to figure taxes, as @zmm suggested, are something else.

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Tes @Tut

For tax rate, I prefer it should be entered manually because the % is always change.

Thanks @Tut for your comment. :+1::+1::+1:

If you are referring to tax codes applied to line items, manual entry is not going to happen. Tax codes must be defined under Settings. There are too many things that go on in the program to allow transaction-by-transaction entry of tax percentages.

Yes @Tut

If it must be defined under setting, then perhaps drop down number selection should be enough if possible (e.g: from 10 - 28 in sequence)

Just my idea.

I have no idea what you are referring to, @zmm.

Yes @Tut, I will try to illustrate asap my idea.