Automatic voucher number or ref number in transactions

In bank transactions there is option for ref # but its optional.
Do you have any system to create unique voucher number or ref number for all banking and cash transactions?

Same for clients or suppliers, do we have unique auto assigned serial/ref number for everyone or not?

No and no.

Bank transactions generally have a reference number assigned by the institution. That is what you should put into the field.

Clients and suppliers can be identified with all sorts of alphanumeric codes based on names, locations, addresses, etc. Manager does not assign them. If you want to use customer and supplier codes, decide on your own system. Most users would not find a sequential number very useful, because it would be impossible to remember. Customer and supplier codes are often used as memory aids.

For users and suppliers. Thats ok

But for banking transactions there must be a unique identifier. Otherwise accountant wont be able to find a specific transaction after a while.
almost every good accounts managing software has that option…

Your bank’s reference number will be unique. You can search for it directly. Besides, what good would it be to have your own reference number when looking for a bank transaction with another? Every form of communication with the bank will reference the bank’s number.

Sorry if i put it wrong.
we need serialized numbers for all cash + banking transactions.
reason is we need that number before actual transaction, it is required by accounts department…
they want uniqur number for every transaction, after that they will issue actual payments.

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In that case, you are asking Manager to generate a number for a transaction that has not happened yet. Manager records accounting transactions. It does not predict them. So if your accounts department wants a number, it should generate its own and then enter it into Manager.

Actually method is

Accountant generatr bank transaction, print it woth unique number.
and take it to ceo, after ceo signs, accountant perform that transaction.
not only for us, you may check other softwares. All softwares create unique identifier/reference number with vouchers.
as it has auto ref number for cash transactions, can we it same for banking transactions?

It should be optional woth custom fields, currently your custom fields dont suppprt auto incremental number or unique.
It will be even enough it can show date with time including seconds. That will unique also.

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extending the custom field types is still in the ideas category. a custom field of date type was recently introduced. so you can expect an auto counter sometime in the future.

Manager already has auto assign ref numbers for cash transactions. option is already there.
can we use that in bank transaction also as serial numbers? it should be available.

how can i find voucher/bank transactions if i don’t have serial numbers?

If you use cheque numbers you won’t have this problem. The cheque numbers serve as a prenumbered voucher for payments. For all non cheque spending transactions and bank receipts use the bank generated reference that shows on the bank statement or you get in an email or a transaction notification. You may also have your own prenumbered vouchers to help. Cheque numbers are unique and can always be used to identify transactions.

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@Abeiku framed this issue in excellent fashion. For cash transactions, the need to generate an internal sequence number in various circumstances can be easily understood. For bank transactions, though, there is always someone else’s transaction number of some type that is far more likely—usually essential—to be used for tracking down deposits or withdrawals.

  1. Yes cheque have numbers.
  2. Online bank transactions numbers some time exceed 20 alpha numeric digits.
    we want short numbers just like serial numbers.

What is solution if we want serial numbers?
Without serial number how can we check number of transactions today or total number of transacations over life time.

It is not my opinion only,all accounting softwares came with these options. You may

Anyways. It is better if someone can provide us a solutions for serial numbers instead of long discussions.
Own prenumbered vouchers is not solution. What is benifit of accounts softwae of we have to do half work manually.?

@lubos should check this issue.

Here is sample of transaction# from standard charteted bank. Its actual number


I will be easy we have simple serialized number like
1001, 1002 etc instead of transaction numbers like train.

Please dont mix bank ref number and serial numbers

whatever you are trying to explain is only your personal preference as far as bank transactions are concerned.
for bank transactions, any user would only search for the bank reference number because that is the only data you will get from an external source.
automatic numbering is already provided in Manager wherever it is necessary. if you need something which is your personal choice, you can create custom fields for that and manually enter whatever you like.
also, it was already informed to you that custom fields functionality will be expanded to include more types.

this is why you have search function within tabs. search the date. even if there was automatic numbering how would that show you transaction of specific dates?

every tab has a counter to the right side of its title which clearly shows the total records in that tab.

i don’t know, these are (All above) requirements of accountant , not mine , as i dont know these things.
they use serial numbers in some paper works. i ask him to register here and tell details, may be i am missing something,
thank you for explanation.

also can you check my other thread?
i am not able to find any way to change port 8080 to default http port 80
please have a look on it Installation on ubuntu when you got time.