Serial Number of Bank Payments and Deposits

Dear Developer

We are the paid cloud user of yours. We are highly please with your software. Overall the software is awesome.

We have one request. We run multiple bank accounts for one company. We need the voucher print out as well for our filing purposes. Please note your software is not providing any sequence number of the payment voucher.

Consider like we have 10 bank accounts it is very hard to locate the voucher without the serial number. We need to go to the 10 bank accounts to make that possible.

We need automatic numbering of the payment voucher irrespective of bank. Is this something you people can do. Please understand that the sequencing is one of the most important issue.

If you need any further explanation. Please do not hesitate to let us know.

Sheikh Sheraz Ali

Ironline Production (Private) Limited


This is something I have never thought, but it would be really helpful to have automatic numbering in payments.

I have been crying for this for a while now. This is desperately needed for payments and even receipts.

An auto numbering system that flows sequentially irrespective of the cash account used.

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Reference numbers on both receipts and payments are optional because different users may want to use them in different ways. A receipt reference number may best be adopted from an incoming payment’s cheque or transaction number. A payment reference number could be most useful as a bank transaction number, a credit card transaction number, etc. Manager cannot know any of those, so making sequencing automatic could be highly problematic for some. The feature you request only serves your personal preferences. Yet the existing approach allows any user to include reference numbers fitting any preference.

Dear Tut

Please understand that voucher are not traced by the cheque #. The input of the cheque number might be wrong as well in the reference column. The reference can be used for anything but not a sequential number. Plus how i can manage if i have 10 bank account and all of them have the daily transactions volume of 50 transactions i will put 500 manual reference and how i will sequence them. This is a real problem for everybody not only a problem for us only.

Plus this will ensure the completeness as well of the voucher and make the process easy. Normally all the accounting software like this.

You can define the prefix and the voucher number are added after the prefix automatically. Please check in the software and you will find the same.

The Following are the major voucher type.

Receipt Voucher
Payment Voucher
Purchase Invoice (Over here we will use reference for the bill number and it will also not serve the automatic sequencing or manual sequencing)
Sales Invoice (This is already automated in the software)
Journal Voucher (This is also automated in the software i guess.)

We request that to make the automatic sequencing the voucher type mentioned above this will really make the control better in the software and easier to find the things.

The voucher prefix and other things can be setup in the setup section.

If you have any query, Please feel free to let us know and we are here for you.

Sheikh Sheraz Ali


@sherazali, I was only explaining why things are they way they are. I’m not the developer, just a moderator of the forum. I have no control over changes to the program.

I also point out again that you are requesting things that may be useful for you. But that does not mean they would be useful for everyone.

@Tut that is why custom fields exist. You enter whatever serial number you want in the custom field which you may call Instrument Number, Transaction Number etc. But the accounting software must be able to automatically number payment vouchers you enter and Receipts as well.

For some times users requested for auto numbering for even purchase invoice and were turned down because purchase invoice comes with numbers on it, but some accounting applications have a field for the number on the purchase invoice and another field where a number is automatically generated in line with a sequence for easy filing and sequencial sorting.

I have also requested for custom field with a counter/auto numbering capability which could be deployed for all voucher types to solve this issue.

I fully support auto numbering for payments and auto Numbering for Receipts.


This is a solution that should fit everyone’s needs.

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The serial numbering of bank transactions should be a (look up able) background default sequence, quite independent from any ad hoc document referencing requirement (chq no) - it would be the Audit trail.

This will solve the problem no doubt about that. If you have a problem in terms of setting of the numbers by default.

Dear Abeiku

Custom fields are good but manual numbering is the problem. I have a company with have a high volume of small transactions. Making our life totally miserable if you would not considered that.

The custom field with the autonumbering can resolve this issue as well.

We have no problem in that but there should be mechanism for auto numbering irrespective of the voucher created at what bank account.

Sheikh Sheraz Ali


Well understood @sherazali but we are all making requests. It up to the programmer to decide to add or not and work on it.

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I also strongly support the auto numbering of all vouchers!

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[quote=“Abeiku, post:12, topic:7655, full:true”]
Well understood @sherazali but we are all making requests. It up to the programmer to decide to add or not and work on it


Dear Programmer

Please can you do the needful. I think it’s pretty easy for you.

Sheikh Sheraz Ali

I agree it will be a blessing Sheikh.

Many thanks. I am waiting for the programmer answer.

Sheikh Sheraz Ali

Dear Programmer

Please can you confirm us. When would you be in a position to implement that. We are desperately waiting for this feature. This feature will substantially reduce our workings and make lot of people life easier.

Sheikh sheraz Ali

@sherazali, please call out the people on this forum to make it easier for them to find your comment. Use the @ and then their user name. In your case, can use @ and then lubos together, it will give him a notification that he has been mentioned. It increases your chances for a reply

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Dear Programmers

Please consider the same.

Sheikh Sheraz Ali