Automatic reference numbers on Sales Invoices and Orders

Tut, please submit an automatic reference number on the Sales Invoice and Sales Order, or to any internal document has a reference number which manager is generated automatically.
Documents that move internally within the manager will have their own automatic reference number, and if necessary, create fields in internal documents that accept external numbers from the supplier or another partner on that same internal document and they can be entered manually.
One is the reference number manager generates automatically on internal documents, and the other is an external number based on which an internal document was created in the manager.
There is no need for these two types of numbers to be equalized.

Please take this into consideration, Thank you.

The Sales Invoice already has a automatic Invoice number and an optional field for order number. If this isn’t sufficient you can create a custom field to hold the extra reference number.

The Sales Order has an optional field but no automatic field but the Sales Order is usually an internal company document.

You did not understand the essence of a question or suggestion.

These are all documents in the context of managers who need to have their own automatic reference number, regardless of external documents.

Still don’t understand your requirement, sorry.

I want to say that every internal document within a manager must have an automatic reference number.

the reference numbers generated for every document either manually or automatically is the actual reference number necessary for a business.
external documents received from third parties like purchase invoices need to be entered with the exact reference number as issued by the third party.
what you are asking is a reference number that references a reference number. this is completely unnecessary.

if you still think you need it, please provide a real world example and few images to help other users understand better.

Well the real example would be audit reference number, he may be meant reference that can’t be altered or delete from database, the sequence are fix in view list. so when the delete command execute, it only hides from view list within system still intact and the status display delete by user xxx however the written data is view able, the reference number set can be anything defined by user and it does not have to be in sequence.

The issue here is, whether your auditor prefer in pdf(printable) form or audit by accessing manager system? which is the most common and favorable for auditor.

I prefer not to have taxmen access my accounting system though…

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@Dado, your posts are confusing. You started the topic by requesting changes for sales invoices and sales orders. You illustrated your request by redesigning the purchase invoice form.

This general topic has been explained many, many times in the forum. But let me summarize:

  • Almost all financial and inventory transactions in Manager have automatic sequence numbers.
  • Financial transactions governed by external entities have fields for entering the sequence number of the other party. These include bank transactions, purchase invoices, sales orders, and debit notes.

The reason for the exceptions is that any audit would match the external number with the record in Manager. So you must be able to enter the external number. Likewise, disputes or inquiries (in either direction) would necessarily focus on the other entity’s number. You could not, for example, call a supplier and ask a question about a purchase invoice with your own number on it. That would mean nothing to your supplier. Nor could you call a bank to dispute a deposit amount and give them a sequence number from Manager. You would have to give them their own transaction number.

In every jurisdiction I know about where automatic sequence numbers are required by law, the requirement is on the issuer of the document, such as with tax invoices. I have never seen any requirement that says you must give your own sequence number to an incoming tax invoice when you enter it as a purchase invoice. Others may have different experience.

Sorry Tut, now I noticed that I initially listed Sales Invoice and Sales Order, and presented in Purchase Invoic in the picture.

This is in fact Purchase Invoice and Sales Order. It would be good if I have an automatic serial number on these two documents, regardless of input documents from third parties that need to be manually typed. This is very important when we have a certain number of suppliers with the same input number of the document. I would not have confusion or redundancy of data.
It also needs to make Purchase Invoices without third-party documents, and then it’s very useful to have an automatic number generated on Purchase Invoices. It’s just irritating to enter this manual on any document.