Add Ref Number automatically

How can I set Manager (Desktop Version) to automatically insert a ref number for every entry where we receive money?
The ref field shows as Optional so I can manually insert a number but I would love to have the option for it to happen automatically

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You need to update, Reference numbers are now automatic, not optional 0000000 Bug 6

That is great. thanks.

Hi Brucanna,
Thanks for the advice. I have downloaded and installed the latest version.
The word ‘optional’ is, as you said, no longer showing in that field BUT it is not inserting any ref number at all. It is just empty.
I am sure I am doing something wrong. Please can you advise.

I am not sure automatic numbering for Bank transactions was implemented. It was implemented for Cash transactions though.

Thanks. Hopefully Brucanna will be able to clarify because he responded to my op which contains a screen shot showing it is a bank entry

you can check what @lubos said in the below post

These are transactions originated by me.
We run a charity and when we receive a donation I enter it as money received and when we spend money I enter it as money spent.

Currently, a received donation (third party) via a Cash Account will receive an automatic reference, however a received donation (third party) via a Bank Account will “not” receive an automatic reference.

Noted that this does seem an inconsistency.

The design reasoning is that reference numbers on bank transactions are assigned by the bank.

The reasoning as stated was “Transactions which are originated by external party”. Banks are not a third party, they are intermediaries, unless it their own fees / charges.

A Customer sends you a cheque, the reference “cheque number” belongs to the Customer (the third party) not the bank (the intermediary).

A Donation is received in the Bank Account with a Statement reference “A Smith”, firstly this is not a number and secondly if the Bank had assigned 47823876 then that means diddly to either A Smith or the Receiver.

While auto numbers may work with “sales quotes, sales invoices, credit notes, purchase orders, payslips etc” which are internally generated - Cash Transaction like Bank Transaction always relate to a third party so there is an inconsistency in auto numbers one but not the other.

The point is that Manger’s auto numbering should have been implemented to all transaction types as an “audit number” leaving the current Reference field free for ad hoc entry as required by the User’s circumstances. This hybrid cross breeding - some in some out - creates confusion.

A Smith donates cash and it is deposited to a Cash Account and it gets a Manager auto reference
A Smith donates cash and it is deposited to a Bank Account and it doesn’t get a Manager auto reference

Why should the cash in the tin be treated any different to the cash in the teller draw - both are countable transactions.


I wasn’t defending the design, only trying to explain it.

I Agree with Brucanna, Is a pain to Manually Insert Ref No. For in Receipt for Bank Transactions.

I like the Audit Numbering Idea. (Especially When sales literally coming from banking online transactions all the time.)

This is what I did before I read Lubos’s pos. I generally misunderstood the Ref Number without Auto Generate Numbering of what is it for. ended up I created my own Ref Number Custom Field. AHAHAHHA

The Ref No. I get it from Client’s side. not ours.

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My argument against automatic reference numbers on bank transactions is that you don’t control them. Sure, you might have some control over certain transactions (e.g. cheques) but certainly not on all and this is the reason why automatic reference numbers on bank transactions have not been enabled.

Would you consider adding it as an optional feature?

@lubos I would like to have the automatic reference to be enable along with additional ref number blank field for tag the known reference if there any.

My issue is not all localbank has ref numbers on online transferring within bank statement, Those online transferring commonly for business is payment. For audit purpose is a pain for us to trace the bank transaction without the auto serial number to tag on bank statement.

Since Bank Transactions and Cash Transactions tabs have been merged under common tab Receipts & Payments, all receipts & payments now have now auto-reference capability.

See: [18.8.59] Merging "Bank/Cash Transactions" tabs into "Receipts & Payments"