Installation on ubuntu

i am getting it wile trying to install, any help?

SORRY my mistake, i didnt know these are 3 different lines

i have install Manager Trial on Ubuntu using tutorial given

now i want to is it possible to run server default http port 80 instead of 8080?


apache2 is already in port 80. i want to use manager on domain without entering port number. i think for that i have to move apache away from port 80 and run manager on port 80.

or if there is any other way to point domain directly for ip+port number, it is not possible in a records.
need help for that :slight_smile:

Mannager Server can run directly on port 80. All you have to do is launch mono ManagerServer.exe -port 80

in that case wont be able to use SSL? or still SSL can be used with caddy or apache2?

Yeah, Manager doesn’t include ability to run with SSL certificate. You will need another web server in front of Manager for that. Caddy is probably the easiest to set up.

i set up apache2, SSL is running on it, it ok there. but https requests are on 443 and manager in on 8080

when i use ubuntu nat rules to forward 443 to 8080, i came back with error.
iptables -A PREROUTING -t nat -i ens192 -p tcp --dport 443 -j REDIRECT --to-port 8080

This site can’t provide a secure connection sent an invalid response.

— i was using nat rules to forward port 80 to 8080, that is working i dont have to put port number with domain/ip, it open manager without mentioning port number now.

That won’t work. You need to set up proxy within Apache. Google apache SSL Reverse-Proxy or something like that. There are plenty of tutorials online.

ok i will check, one done everything related to manager server will be completed. i will go into production site then.
also i write down all steps till now, i will post here for other users.

I still think Caddy is easier to set up for this purpose as it was specifically built for this scenario. Apache is more general purpose and you will have to go through far more steps.

apache was preinstalled with ubuntu image i got with VPS,
i have my paid SSL certificate, if you think caddy will be easy i can uninstall apache2 and install caddy.

its done and working, i will share my experience and setting details on apache2.
thankyou for your help and support.
how i am buying license for my site :yum:

@Mian_Waqas_Azfar Can share with us how you do it?

Sorry i was away,
yes sure, i will love to help you.
what do you want to know?

Your experience and setting up apache proxy pass webserver based on ubuntu.

I did try certbot using apache based on windows. a bit tricky in a sense. lighter than wamp and portable

I’m following the guide in this blog,

So far caddy far more simple but most their sample are not windows os base configuration.