Auto-numbering for cash transactions

although I noticed that the issue of receipt numbering was referred in other topics in the past, I bring it up again as in our country (Cyprus) but also in Europe, receipts are also required to have numbering.
Many times I get complaints from clients not having a receipt no in their receipt. Actually is expected by our legal/economic system to have numbering and in a way we are not complying to this.
Is it possible to have this on your next update?


Yes, I used to request for auto numbering capability for receipt and payment but then I realised using cheque numbers or transaction reference as the payment reference was better.

But receipt on the other hand is different, sequencial numbering is comfortable.

One thing you can do is to use the reference number of the payer’s cheque or whatever instrument that has some reference number. But there are many customers who pay cash, how do you record this? You definitely have to generate some reference. And auto referencing works best.

You can also get pre referenced receipt vouchers printed and issue them out as receipt (I know big companies who do this). But will be extra work and if you pay for the receipt books extra cost.

I believe auto numbering feature must be available for receipts, expense claims, and journal entries going forward.


Categorize it as Idea?

I’ll categorize as an idea.

Another possibility is to provide an auto-numbered custom field, which would preserve other users’ existing usage of various reference fields, but allow those who want the feature to use it wherever they like.


can you please advise how to make a custom field to be autonumbered?

You can’t. My point was that adding that capability would address your desire.

I see… :frowning:
it would be nice to see this feature in the future…

we need this feature very soon. since we are using Server Edition it is very difficult to maintain voucher number without any duplicate. in our business we have more than one doing the same thing like making expense claims, receiving cash.

it is now the same problem as auto numbering for Invoices issues before. there should be a system auto numbering for all the type of voucher. to prevent mistakes, and to know the missing document of vouchers.

our External Audit raised the duplication of document No as an issue.

waiting for Auto Numbering

The way I’ve been handling invoices in the past (and have had to manually do this in for now) is that each client has a prefix.

Client A might be “CLA”, and Client B might be “CLB”.

1st Aug: Client A gets their first invoice: “CLA-001”
2nd Aug: Client B gets their tenth invoice: “CLB-010”
3rd Aug: Client A gets their second invoice: “CLA-002”

So if anything is implemented that allows auto-numbering for invoices / receipts / etc … I’d love it if I could integrate my existing workflow, and avoid the need to do what I’m doing at the moment:

(1) Check recent invoices for the client, and take note of the highest number, and their unique prefix.
(2) Create the new invoice, overriding invoice number to use the prefix and next number in the sequence.

This is something a few other invoicing systems do automatically, and is one of the main features I’m missing from Manager at the moment.

Not sure how closely it fits in with @nichri’s request, since theirs was related to Receipt auto-numbering, whereas mine is more focused on Invoice auto-numbering.

Invoices do have auto-numbering. I am not sure why you feel they are not.

why do you need a prefix for invoice numbers wrt the clients? i can understand having a prefix for representing financial years, but why clients?

It’s just the way that I’ve been doing it for a while now, partly due to:

  • Previous invoicing software made it extremely simple to do it this way.
  • Glancing at the number, I know exactly which client it is for.
  • Customers have no idea how many other invoices (to other customers) I’ve sent out between now and their last invoice, meaning they aren’t given any indication of my cashflow.

Similar reasons would apply to receipts. The last one is the most important.

I’m open to changing my process if I have to - I’m just reluctant to do so when it’s been working well for me - and wanted to mention it here so that it gets considered as part of any potential improvements to auto-numbering in Manager.

actually I was asking for autonumbering on receipts as you remember.
In my country receipts are also a legal document where it (usually) requires numbering when issued.

it looks more like a user preference. also, these can easily cause a lot of errors with your invoice numbers if you are not careful. Manager is a software which tries to simplify things and reduce user errors with complicated settings.

you do have the billing name for this.

an invoice number is not in any way an indication of how many invoice you have made. most companies have their own choice like they may start their first invoice from 1001.

But i would recommend having an option to set a prefix for invoices. @lubos just like custom fields, will it be possible to create a prefix for different modules under settings where a user can create a prefix with alpha-numeric and globally allowed special characters? this prefix can have a start date and set to inactive option. when creating a document, the prefix will appear as a non-editable field beside the actual document number field. at present the only option is to start the first invoice with a numeric prefix if it needs to follow auto-numbering which limits the user needs.

To explain this particular point, exaggerating the timeframe slightly:

Cust A gets invoice 1057 … Aug 1st
Cust B gets invoice 1058 … Aug 15th
Cust A gets invoice 1059 … Aug 30th

Customer A is now aware that in the entire month of August, I only issued one other invoice. Sure, they don’t know the value (it could be $20 or $200,000), but they can estimate number of invoices sent per day.

Therefore, this is why I requested prefixes as part of auto-numbering on Receipts + Invoices + Payments. If I’m the only one using it, I don’t expect it to be implemented. But if I don’t mention it - it never has a chance! :slight_smile:

I came to conclusion that every transaction in Manager which is created internally (e.g. cash transactions, sales invoices, sales quotes, journal entries, production orders, inventory write-offs etc.) should have automatically generated reference number.

For cash transactions, this has been now implemented in the latest version (17.9.2)

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many thnx for this implementation; it is truly helpful!