Batch PDF Generation


I’m a bookkeeper at a janitorial company in Ottawa, and I’ve got many recurring clients whom we bill monthly for services.

So far, I’ve been able to utilize the recurring sales invoices function to generate all my invoices at the start of the month, and then I usually go and modify the few invoices where we’ve had done services outside of the contract.

Then I have to one by one, generate a PDF for the clients.

While it is great that I get a one last look at an invoice before I create a PDF copy of it, I’d like a batch function to generate a stack of PDFs, not one large PDF containing all the invoices. Manually creating 50+ (and expanding) invoices every month is going to get more time consuming as the business grows.

Can such a feature be implemented? It would be a great timesaver at the beginning of each month.

Please search the forum before posting new suggestions. Your idea would be encompassed by this: Batch Printing Sales Invoices - #24 by dalacor. Even if the implementation does not include specific batch PDF functionality, you would be able to batch print to PDF. (Exact technique would depend on your operating system.)

I saw that thread but I don’t think it’s exactly the same thing.

Most of my clients (save two at the moment) do not require printed paper copies of the invoices. We simply email them copies of their invoices once a month, or upon completion of service (for one time jobs).

Being able to batch create PDF in one go would be a great feature to have.

You missed my point. The ability to do batch printing would also allow you to batch create PDFs, at the very least by “printing” through a PDF generator. But what you mention now is batch emailing—a third capability. That is also covered by an existing idea: Feature Request - Auto Email Recurring Invoice - #2 by lubos. Please search before posting.

giving error
please resolve issue

That’s a windows error. Apparently some other program is hogging the resource.

You should restart your computer and try again.

If the problem persists, you should go to task manager and manually stop processes to figure out which one is causing the problem.

I’m on a windows pc too and experiencing the same error.

Closing other processes like the error message mentions does not seem to help.

I did notice that the error only occurs when selecting more than 12. Less than that and no error occurs.

@maarten, you need to explain what you did to get the error. What are you selecting? What are you trying to do? This topic was about a suggestion for creating PDFs in batches, something that was added quite a while ago.

If you got the same error message shown in post #5, then you, too, have a Windows problem. That message was not generated by Manager.

It is the same error as the OP.

When clicking the batch pdf button I can select up to 12 items (f.e. transactions in the suspense account) and it will save them to a pdf without an error.

When more are selected the same error as OP appears during the saving process (after specifying a filename and the progress counting up of the batch pdf function) .

Personally I don’t use the batch pdf function that much but I thought this info might help in finding a solution.