Automatic invoice mailing

I have to say, recurring billing saved my life!

Now that I’ve been using it for a while, I seen a nice new feature that would be very very very helpful and help saving even more time: sending it automatically to the customer.

Do you think that you could manage to do that?


Yes that will be great feature. But you would want that to happen only when you select the recurring invoices to be generated when you go to invoices and have the notification on top and click view. Then only should it mail automatically. For the case like rent income. If someone no longer rents with you, you can choose not to generate that invoice and delete the recurring invoice after.

Yes @durkpotgieter something like that!

If not possible, at least get an easy “send mail” button that would send the mails faster than having to enter each invoice, click send, wait for it to send, go back and start over again …

Emailing function will get considerably faster soon. If it takes less than a second to send email then you might not even feel like you need bulk emailing.

If you feel after you still need it, then bring it up again. For now, I need to make sure you don’t have to “wait for it to send”.

Hi Lubos

I have to mail 25 invoice recurring every month so far. For now emailing each one is not that much work. But when you get to 300 for example you may need this this function.

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I totally agree with @durkpotgieter !

The purpose of recurring billing is to automate as much as possible the process of billing.

Eventhough none of us has more than 50 bills yet, I think it’s still a pain to dig through all the bills and click manually on “send” for each of them.

Now that you have plenty of happy customers, how to you handle your recurring billing @lubos ?

If you could think of integrating right now the automatic email function that would be just the perfect christmas gift!

Hello @lubos,
any news about this issue?

Keep up the good work and I whishes you all the best for 2015!


I agree, it would be ideal for these invoices to go out automatically. In my organisation we are all volunteers and any time spent sending out invoices is taking away from other more useful community activities that we could be doing. Also we might not log in for a week, and realise that invoices need to be sent, and send them out a week late. Both Xero and Kashflow will automatically send out recurring invoices.

The developer has said that Manager will not support automatic emailing, but will support bulk mailing.

@dcVest thanks for the link to that conversation, I have added a comment there.