Am I able to get a report of all the GST transactions

Am I able to get a report of all the GST transactions not just the dates but what the entries were
for example
Date Bank entry Total Purchases Tax Paid
01/01/2018 Micheal motors 177.64 23.17

would this be a custom report? if so How do I do it

there is the Tax Transactions report - will that do?

What are you trying to accomplish?

The Tax transaction report does not give you the bank description entry.
One of my clients wants a report that shows hime the date the bank payee/payer the amount the gst the total amount

It is hard to understand the format you want because your example has no formatting. But what you posted seems to imply the “Michael motors” is the entry under “Bank entry.” If so, that is exactly what the Tax Transactions report provides.

In your second post, you say the Tax Transactions report does not give the “bank description entry.” What do you mean by that phrase? You go on to say your client wants “bank payee/payer”, which again suggests the Tax Transactions report gives you want your client wants. But you also tacked on the total amount, which you did not mention in your first post. The report does not give a total. You would have to export and manipulate data in a spreadsheet.

I would be quite happy if it did not have a total
I want something like a bank transaction report but showing the Tax on each entry

How does the Tax Transactions report not provide what you ask?

It does not have the payee/description it just has the Date, Total Sales, Tax Collected, Total Purchases,Tax Paid

I think you are looking at the Tax Summary, which has these columns:

The Tax Transactions report has these:

So for every transaction you have the Date, Payer or Payee, reference number if there is one, Total Sales, Tax Collected, Total Purchases and Tax Paid, all as appropriate. If you have more than one tax code, you will see each tax code separately.

Thats Odd Tut I dont have the text part have I done something wrong. Where would I start to look to find why?
All entries were down loaded with the bank statement.

Look at some of the transactions. Are there customers/suppliers/payers/payees listed? Or did you import a bank statement that did not include that information and neglect to edit the entries?

This is a screen shot of the Bank Transactions after down load

it works on the north wind one but not on mine

As I suspected. The Contact column corresponds to the supplier/customer/payer/payee. Your bank’s Description looks to be the equivalent. So if you edit those transactions to complete the forms, the information will show up.

I am not sure what you mean the contact column.
The headings in the csv file have to be Date description amount so you can import it.
The tax transaction report looks like this image

screen shot of bank tranactions

I am referring to the column labelled Contact on the screen shot you posted of the uncategorized transactions from an imported bank statement. It is just to the left of the Amount column and is blank in your first screen shot. Since you have no contact information for your transactions, the column does not appear in the listing of your Bank Transactions tab either.

Sorry Tut That was my mistake I did a screen shot of the north wind one and not my real one . The real one is above

So I just added another column called contact in my csv file and filled it out and imported it and it still did not fill in the contact column

Could this be a bug???
I have 20 business and they are all the same and I am using the latest version of manager

So does anyone have an answer

You can’t add the column to the CSV file. As I already said, you need to edit the transactions themselves so the records have names.

No, it isn’t a bug.