Generate income report (with no other info)

I only record my sales in one of two ways:

  1. an entry for cash sales into undeposited cash and
  2. an entry for eftpos sales into bank account.

Because my sales are subject to GST, I record these entries as attracting GST.

When I view the sales everything appears correct:

This works well and when I ran it by the accountant, she was happy with this method.

If I click on cash accounts and select cleared balances, I get the daily takings and they are inclusive of GST (which is what I want) but I see the whole cash amount I have taken. The downside of this view is that it includes ALL cash transactions, and not just the cash sales. For example:

^ GST in sales figures (desired)

I need to report to the landlord on all sales (it’s a requirement of the lease) and so I thought I would use the summary view, but it reports a gst exclusive amount:

clicking on either of the sales amounts also takes you to a GST exclusive list which the landlord won’t accept.

^ GST not in sales figures (undesired)

I know I may be stating this incorrectly, but as far as the landlord is concerned, I am required to report on sales. sales includes the gst component.

Is there a way of generating a report that will encompass all sales either with GST, or a report on ex GST and also include GST amounts?

I looked at Custom Reports all of about 5 seconds and realised I have no idea what I’m doing there.

No other report seems like it will suit my need in this regard.

Although I’m asking this question as it relates to income, it also relates to cost of items being purchased, when verifying values in the P&L section, clicking on an account lists only GST exclusive prices, yet all my documentation only has a GST inclusive price. In order to verify everything here, I have to view each and every transaction. Is there a way to view this information with GST?

If I understand your question, it seems like the Tax Summary and Tax Transactions reports give you what you want.

That’s cool! I didn’t think of looking at it from a tax perspective.

That works except for the fact it includes purchases. This information is not required (and nor do I want to give it to them).

Is there any way of just having it spit out the Net Sales side of it???

In the absence of being able to do so, I can take a screen shot of the section of the report and send that to them. Not pretty, but it will do the job.

Thanks @Tut you are a champion (as always!)

edit: the full transactions is way too much info for them, but the summary is almost perfect

Export the report and put it into whatever form you need in a spreadsheet.

You could use the above sales report but add a line at the bottom - “Add Back GST” enter 10% of the report total and then provide a new total - Sales including GST.

@Tut, a combination between your two answers is what I will do. Either screen grab it out or export into a custom report in google docs will probably be my answer.

@Brucanna, I could do something like that, but if I’m going that far, I may as well just create a new document based on tut’s suggestion, as I really don’t want to give them too much information and I can’t seem to remove other bits.

At the end of the day, I only have to give them 3 values each month and in reality I can probably cut this down to 1.

I’ll probably just use straight email instead (or a google doc)

I wanted to revisit this since we’ve come a long way in the last few years.

Namely there are custom reports and localisations now which change things a little.

What I was always after was a solution to present sales data to my landlord (as contractually required). What I have been doing is generate a tax report and then just screenshot and crop to the area of it that I need.

It works, but it’s not optimal, because Manager can be so much more :slight_smile:

Today I have only just found “localisation transformations” and whilst I have known custom reports have always existed, I don’t understand them, and the limited guides do not really help me create anything like what I am after. I have tried a few times, but I have not been able to piece together anything that resembles the Tax Summary report.

What I want hasn’t changed, I need to report on the sales for the month at hand and the tax summary report is still the most apt report that exists in manager.

For my purposes, I use the first three columns and a totals row at the bottom, and screen capture what’s in red, such that I send them the following (red part only):

Which would it be, a customised report or a localisation? I realise localisation is intended for “country” or tax reporting locality, however, each and every business has a slightly different reporting requirement. So in my case:

  1. Am I able to create a custom report to do this?
  2. How do I create a localisation that does this?

I am currently working through cloning and editing the GST Worksheet which I think will achieve what I am after, but ideally what I would like is to be able to “transform” an existing report (the tax summary report specifically) in my case I would like to remove those last columns and save my own report type. It seems like manager is on the cusp of allowing this as is evident by importing localised reports.

I’ll add an update if I do finally generate what I am after.

Thanks @lubos and team and forum members in general.

A custom report is going to be a list of individual transactions, while are you want is the summarized totals for the period. So that does not seem suitable. You would have to SELECT postings to several income accounts, plus your tax liability account. And you still would not have your totals, so you would need to export and process.

Personally, I would not invest the time to do this. A localization is a transformation of an existing report, in this case the Tax Summary. It seems faster to export and just delete the unneeded columns.

Both opinions above are tempered by the fact that the developer has recently written that both localizations and custom reports are up for big revisions. The exported/modified Tax Summary has been working for you. Why not stick with it and spend your energy on other things?

Thanks @tut, I saw that in another post after I rekindled this. I will be shelving this again, cheers