Add account name in Tax Transactions report

Is it possible to add the “account name” field to the Tax Transactions report? If not is it possible to create a custom report to have the information same as Tax Transactions so I can add the account name to it?

If there is space restrictions, I would be happy to replace the transaction type with the account name.

Thank you

Are you asking about the account from the chart of accounts or, for example, a customer’s account?

Chart of accounts

Can you explain what the purpose of such a report would be? The purpose of the Tax Transactions report is to list the sources and amounts of taxable sales and purchases and the tax associated with each, grouped by tax code. Customer and supplier names are added, where relevant, because some tax jurisdictions require filings of information about that. But what is the point in knowing that the electricity bill you paid 10% VAT on was posted to your Utilities account? If you wonder what was posted to Utilities, you can look at a General Ledger Transactions report for that account.

I am not saying there is no use. I am saying I do not see one.

The report is going to the auditor. The reason is to avoid having to go through physical recepts to confirm against the receipt numbers. Ideally a description of the transaction is what one needs but it may be too long to fit on the report. There’s no need to have customers or suppliers.

Have you tried using a custom report? Create custom reports | Manager

Hi Patch,

I tried but I couldn’t find my way to replicate the Total Sales, Tax on Sales, etc…

As you may see on the screenshot, we don’t need to know that the item is an “Expense Claim”. We’d rather show the description or at least the account name. The fact that the total is listed under purchases, it is obvious that it falls under either an expense claim or payment.

Have you tried giving your auditor a copy of your Manager file so that he can search it himself?

Auditor is a MYOB user. All I need some guidance on creating a custom report with the fields similar to the default Tax transactions but with a description or account name. Basically this is for a not for profit society which has both payments and receipts that may not be subject to GST. Such report will make things easier to verify items are entered with the correct GST component.

That is not how I would achieve that task.

Option 1

  • Go to the summary screen.
  • click on a account you are interested in
  • Scroll to the bottom of the window and click on “Max” to show all items
  • Scroll to the top and Click on the “Tax” heading to sort by tax code
  • Click on in again to sort in the reverse order.
  • If any are not the correct tax code then drill down and correct them

Option 2

  • Create several custom reports
  • Construct “Where …” clauses so entries of interest are displayed
  • Construct “Where …” causes to exclude entries with the correct tax code
  • The report should then show only data entry errors
  • Repeat above for other potential data entry errors

Have you tried the “Tax Audit” report?
It shows total tax by account and you can drill down to see the details.

Thanks Patch and Ealfardan,
I will try both options as well as the Tax Audit.
Your help is much appreciated.

I tried both options and did not achieve the result I’m after. I exported the fields and built an excel to better explain the report I wish to build. As you may see the report is quite similar to the Tax Transactions report. There is no need to have the Payee. Is it possible to custom build this type of report? Thanks

Report transformations can readily achieve that output.
However I suggest leaving it till Lubos has finished rewriting Manager as currently flow control and looping is rather cryptic.

I am surprised an auditor would accept a report derived from the very records being audited as evidence of proper accounting. Of course the report will match the records. The point of an audit is independent verification of a sufficient enough fraction of transactions by tracing them to primary sources to render an opinion on whether the records adequately represent the financial condition of a business.

Correct Tut. This is an internal Audit. The Society does internal Audits to maintain the records. The Audit will verify recorded transactions against physical receipts, but will also confirms that all enties are recorded in the correct account.

It seems easier to use the General Ledger Transactions report for that.

I did that report. Thanks

Would the tax transaction script be available to download from somewhere? Something similar to the GST BAS worksheet? Maybe i can build it that way?

That is an example of a report transformation