Am I able to get a report of all the GST transactions

Thats silly I have over 5000 entries for 1 year and to edit each one individually would be very time consuming. So going back to my question in the beginning can I do a custom report same as the tax transactions but with description in it .

Not if you are unwilling to put the content in. The problem is not with the report but with incomplete transaction entries. You are encountering one of the downsides of importing bank statements, especially in CSV format. The data needed to populate the report is not present. There is nothing Manager can do about your bank’s exports.

Thats a shame I am not unwilling to put the content in just with 5000 entries the cost of doing the accounts time wise. would be to great. But I now have figured out the heading in the csv file should be payee not content so I just open the csv file and copy the discription column to another colum and change the heading to payee its simple