Tax Transactions Report change

Hello, thank you for a great product, I love Manager.
I am using the report for Tax Transactions:
Previously the items for Total Purchases showed the Payee name/details.
I recently downloaded version 20.8.23 and find now that the Total Purchases items don’t. They show “Payment” and the account it was paid from.
They also show “Payment/Receipt/Sales Invoice” which seems unnecessary given the columns following.
Can you tell me if there is a way I can get a report to show the tax transactions with the payees name/details?

Are you able to illustrate with screen shots.
It may be that this is a consequence of other GST worksheet changes that are being debated in other forum topics.

Hello and thank you for your response.

I have seen the other issue being debated and I too think it is a consequence of those changes.

The ‘Screenshot’ is the current report and the ‘ipad screenshot’ (actually a photo) is how the report used to appear.


The earlier version gave you no way to track down a transaction. Take its first entry. You have a date, 2/10/2019. But you don’t know what type of transaction it was. Did this entry come from a sales invoice, receipt, or debit note? And what if you had multiple transactions with Davies on the same day? The current version tells you it was a payment. If you had a reference number, it would show.

I also note the old version is missing transactions that show on the current version. Can you post a screen shot of the Edit screen for the 14.20 payment on 1/10/2019?

The first entry on the earlier version was a payment, because of the nature of our very small business, that is all I need at that stage in the report, I can drill down if I need more information. That particular transaction was a receipt. Also due to the nature of our business we would not enter a second transaction from the same client on any day. If we did, I could still drill down if necessary.

The missing transaction on the old version is due to an error on my part which I will have to investigate.