GST Reports showing customer names and Purchasers names and amounts

We are a bit different here on Norfolk Island. We only pay GST @ 12% on all sales or services, no other taxes yet! We also claim any GST @ 12% that we pay on local purchases e.g fuel and phone. It does get a little more complicated with purchases from Mainland, but they do not affect what we can claim.

We do a GST return each month, but really need to show customers names, amounts and GST Collected, and then also show all purchases including name of supplier, which have attracted GST, and can be claimed against GST collected.

So if possible could a report be generated showing all sales and purchases including amounts and names.

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This seems to be fairly common feature request in many countries. It will be added. Not sure when… maybe this month or next month.

Has this been implemented? If so where can i find it.

When you go to Tax Summary report, the amounts are clickable. The list of transactions behind each amount contains Contact column which can be used to group tax collected by customer or tax paid by supplier.

The problem is, Manager doesn’t do this grouping yet. If you have small number of transactions, you can simply add those figures up manually or export the list of transactions to spreadsheet and group them there.

Have a look at the Tax summary report and let me know if simple Group by contact button on that list of transactions behind tax paid/tax collected would solve this issue completely.

Group by contact might work however we need to generate a report which includes only:
1- customer names
2- customers vat#
3- Total VAT paid by those customers, individually