Allow custom field type on sales invoice lines

Understand from guides that sales invoice line is a custom field. To get the most out of it can I expect to have the type option similar to other custom fields please @lubos ? This will be a great for many users, trust me.

Can you be more specific on our request - it isn’t clear what you re looking for

Sales Invoice Line is a line on a Sales Invoice form not a custom field

According to the guide customs fields can be added for individual line items. Currently the line field supports text only which confines the benefits in my point of view. I wanted the option to choose the type field as text, dropdown, date, number - similar to other custom fields. Adding the option will help us to utilise the line field in many more ways.

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The difficulty with your request, @raj, is that line-item custom fields are displayed as part of a line. The coding for them must fit the extra information into an existing structure. So they work for such things as adding a serial number to a sales invoice for a computer. Or, for the Indian tax scheme, the HSN. But you cannot fit paragraphs and images into that scheme.

Regular custom fields offer more flexibility because they are displayed elsewhere on the form, without the restrictions of fitting into the table structure that builds the displayed columns.

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The feature is a work in progress at the moment. For now, just enter text in the field. It will be completed in the near future.