Added ability to create custom field as a drop-down list

I’ve watched for this feature for a long time, Outstanding Feature!

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What does this feature be used for. I have not upgraded Manager to this version yet because I know that there is an issue with custom invoice templates not showing paid status etc, so I am not keen to upgrade until that is sorted out.

But just wondered what this feature could be used for? I am hoping that I can select suppliers from a list on inventory items using this feature. Thanks

@dalacor, as far as I’m concerned, there is no issue with custom invoice templates. If you are using HTML templates, it is expected to know some HTML which makes it then trivial to show paid status or whatever you require. What other users are reporting is that when they use default custom HTML template, it doesn’t have these features. The reason why default custom HTML template doesn’t have all the bells and whistles is that it is meant to be a simple example how these HTML templates can be made. As for upgrading, whatever HTML template you are using now is still supported in new versions. So nothing should break by upgrading. If anything breaks, then it is a bug and it can be fixed.

Drop-down list custom fields can be used to create simple status mechanism on invoices, quotes, orders etc. But that’s just one example. It’s basically a custom field where you can select from pre-defined options rather than free text.

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Maybe at some point there may be a single Drop-down field that can be shared to multiple documents, but what you have here now is a great step. I mentioned on a previous thread about feature where data would carry over (example: Quote to Invoice, etc…)

I’m confused, @lubos. In an earlier thread, you said:

But my old invoices, which had been fully functional with all the Paid in Full stamps, credited amounts, etc., reverted to the standard sales invoice. That happened without my intervention. When I re-imposed my custom view template, the stamps, credits, and so forth were no longer available.

If @dalacor has the same experience, he will lose his custom features, which I take it are even more important to him than mine were to me.

I sense you would like to put this issue behind you. But the number of recent complaints connected to it suggest you won’t be able to until you come up with an answer that satisfies those of us who are willing to tinker with some HTML, but are not capable of developing a template from scratch. Either that, or you need to roll out the invoice generator you’ve mentioned. Part of the difficulty the non-expert has is the lack of access to documentation of the code. We don’t know what the variables are, what their properties are, etc.

Hello, yes agree, this is a great feature. We already implement it and so far all is fine. Anyhow what we found out is that if we use this feature for sales invoice or sales order it will not show up on the printing document

any idea why and how?

Yeah but I didn’t say Manager deleted the template. No Manager upgrade ever deletes any data. This is something I’m very careful about.

I always maintained position that HTML customization is for web-designers. This was a mistake on my part where I didn’t envisage this feature will be used by everyone who wants to customize look of their invoices including those who don’t have good understanding of HTML.

This is probably the most likely route I will take. The idea is that rather than having complex all-in-one HTML template, you will get simpler HTML markup which will use only variables you are actually using making it easier to understand and customize.

This list of variables is here: Manager Guides

@Dietmar, see: Manager Cloud

@lubos, yes i know this and if i use custom fields on Sales quote all is fine, but for Sales order or sales invoice, i cannot choose it.

The drop-down list is available for Sales Order and Sales invoice.
Or, do you mean you are unable to print the custom field on the sales order?
You are able to print custom field on Sales Invoice.

@itmoto, yes drop down is here, all fine with that. But cannot print custom file don sales order and sales invoice.

there is something missing, the field i can choose…Show custom field…
see attached how it looks on sales quotes, This option is missing on Sales order and sales invoice

It doesn’t show the tick boxes on Sales order yet but it does show on the Sales Quote & Invoice and the custom field prints on my invoice.

Any particular reason why you need printing of customer field on sales order? Sales order is an internal document not given out to customer.

As for sales invoices, custom field will print but only if you are not using custom HTML template. If you do, you will have to inject custom field yourself into HTML markup.

My bad. I missed that. I will look forward to what you come up with. My comment about continuing to receive a lot of complaints from non-professional HTML coders still stands. So I think your customer base will push you in a good direction.

Hi @lubos, Our business might be different. We need to make our Sales order and not just use for internal. The Sales order will be sent to our customer and they check and sign it, after that the order is valid. Between China and Europe if you some business this is what we need to do, so SO is not just our internal document. So there are some info, comments which we made on Sales Quotation and now i just want to reflect some of it also on sales order.

on sales invoice, i use custom HTML template, I have no idea at all how and what to change, so i use your template. However, cannot get the field on printing document… not sure why


What you actually need is a pro-forma invoice, not a sales order for that. Maybe @lubos can integrate the concept of pro-forma invoices into the sales order as the only difference would be the title pro-forma invoice. The only real value that a sales order has is to put the order on the system to remind you to order the parts, do the work and ultimately invoice the customer. so perhaps renaming the sales order into pro-forma invoice might work as well as giving it the functions of a proper invoice i.e. ability to add and print custom fields.

Thank you, I will update Manager this weekend and review the drop down list custom field as this will be useful for suppliers linked to inventory items and I will see what i can do regards status of quotes and purchase orders. What I really want with statuses of quotes etc is for the quote tab to only show open quotes by default. So having a field which depicts the current status will be a great help for a start, but ultimately what is desired to only view open sales quotes and open purchase and sales orders. Obviously there needs to be a link to view closed quotes etc.

I understand where you are coming from regarding the change in custom sales invoice templates. I agree that the best long term solution would be to have boxes people can tick to add features onto the invoice. Customising the actual HTML is not desirable long term as new features added to the program will inevitably break some people’s HTML coding.

My Status looks like the following:

By simply entering " * ", all quotes that are still alive will show up (*Active, *Ready and *Hold). Or I can look at them by status. Notice the is no * on Closed.
I also do the same with Rep, Inventory Location and more. There are tons of things you can do with this feature.

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Ok, I will have a look this weekend after I have done my VAT return and all my other accounts. Thanks

I have two issues with the new custom field as drop down list. I cannot sort by client and by status. I can either filter by client or I can filter by open, closed or whatever status. But I cannot filter view for both client and status.

Secondly, not able to show custom field as column for purchase orders. Can only do this for sales quotes.