Using Custom fields

Custom fields have been added into the latest version (14.3.20)

Here is how it works:

  1. Enable Custom Fields under Settings tab (use Customize button)
  2. Once enabled, go to Custom Fields module and click New Custom Field button.
  3. Select form on which you want to add your custom field. For example Customer form.
  4. Set the label for the new field, for example Number of employees

  1. Once custom field created, go to edit existing customer or create new customer. You will see your custom field at the bottom.

The implementation is basic and simple but I’m looking forward extending custom fields functionality to satisfy wide range of use cases in upcoming weeks.

When adding custom fields they do not show up on the invoice or quote
are they internal information only?

Yeah, right now it is internal information only. Soon, there will be greater ability to customize invoices/quotes/orders etc and this is definitely in the pipeline.

Very nice… recently found it for a relative… very impressed, keep up the good work :smile:

Any idea when we will be able to add custom fields in the header, footer or under the total amount on the sales invoice?

It would also be nice to the the ability to show custom fields in listings like customer, invoices, vouchers, etc.

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There will be soon ability to add/remove columns from various views which will make it possible to add custom field as a column.

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I’m keen to go live with Manager as I have trialed it for a while now and all is good but am just waiting for the customization of fields on invoices to come into effect as on previous posts its in the pipeline?

I need to add vehicle details to the customer to be printed on quotes and invoices.

I’m going to add this but multi-currency and payroll must be added first just on the basis that these features are already available in other accounting packages while custom fields on invoices is something almost no accounting package is doing.

I’d love to work on these fun features as soon as possible but I really need to get through boring bits first.


Would it be possible to increase the textbox size of a custom field so text is visible up to say billing address size? Or, for it to stay standard size and expand if text volume increases?

You don’t mean increase the width, what you have in mind is to be able to convert textbox into multi-line textarea, right?

I think so yes.
It would be good to see all the text in the box rather than having to click on the box to get to the end of the text.
But, if there is a lot of text you wouldn’t want the box too big so that it took up most of say the the bottom of the customer tab up.
Just finding the balance.
I thought the billing address text box was a good size.
Another thing, I’m not sure if other users would agree ? Would make quite a difference to me…
I thought that maybe a slight Re-jig of the layout ?
There is some wasted space on the right hand side of some of the tabs e.g customer tab, next to name and address fields which some of the text boxes could be moved into that space so that scrolling down may not be needed.
I believe it would be more user friendly.
Maybe too much work though so maybe an idea for the future ?

Hi Lubos,

I downloaded this software specifically for the purpose of adding custom fields that would appear on the invoice. Have you had a chance to look at this again?

Hi @Rita_Badhan

In the latest versions, you should be able to modify the Sales Invoice templates (in Settings > View Templates)
and show custom fields that you want by modifying the template, for e.g

{{ custom_fields['Name Of Field'] }}

Hope this helps

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Yeah, you can now embed information from custom fields in sales invoices but you will need to know HTML or ask someone who knows HTML.

See: Guides | Manager

Hi @lubos, is there a way to add a custom field as a column in a view?

So, this is not possible. It could be in future, but what’s your use-case?

In my case, I added a custom field to Purchase Invoice Item Form labeled “Supplier” as a way to link an item to its supplier. Later I want that this “supplier” appears as a column in the Purchase Invoice Item view.

Better if in the Purchase Invoice Item Form we can select the supplier from the Suppliers registered, and later, when load a Purchase Invoice, and select one supplier, only items associated with that supplier are available in the Item menu.

This leads me to nothing… just product features instead of how to do the customization with customfields.

Hello everyone you can access a custom field data by


For Example : custom_field.specialremarks

Any doubts you can ask me