Custom fields - Lines items are not copied over

When using copy to option form sales quote to sales invoice
the custom fields line content doesnt copies over event though the label is the same
the other custom fields (not line) copies well

also is there any talk about implentin custom field - line in custom reports like other custom fields ?

The Guide about line item custom fields is quite clear. They do not carry over when forms are copied.

Custom reports cannot have line item custom fields because custom reports are generated from transactions and have no data entry of their own.

you are right @Tut it is specified in the guide

but i read only the “copy to” guide
and that guide did not mention any exception about custom field - line
i assumed it was valid for all the custom fields line or regular

thanks for the fast answer

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@Tut @lubos
is possibe to request that the custom field - line content to be copied when using “copy to”

i have read the guide stating that
transferring information in custom fields to different circumstances would rarely be desirable.

but that is easy avoidable by addin a space or a dot to the name of the custom field if you dont want to copy it over
meawhile for those of us that use multiple row invoices with custom inline fields will be great to benefit from copy over funtion when copying form sales quote to sales invoice without needing to fill manually all the fields again

Please @lubos give it a thought to this


The latest version (22.8.12) contains new implementation of custom fields which adds support for this.

However, to allow custom fields copy between transaction types, you need to setup single custom field that is shared by multiple transaction types.

For example, if you want custom field on lines to show on sales invoices, sales orders and sales quotes, then custom field needs to be created like this:


Notice how I’m selecting multiple placements for custom field.


Thanks for this release, It will help us a lot, and save time.
Thanks @lubos

In-Line Drop down isn’t work.

@Mahfuzur_Rahman this hasn’t been implemented yet but similar topic is already posted in ideas.

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