Problem with drop down list option in line custom fields

HELLO!! When I start using drop down list option in line custom fields it is not showing the dropdown arrow to display the options fed into that particular field in line items .

What edition and version number?

This was a bug in some versions

Show screen copy of edit screen for custom field definitions and screen images of where it is not working?

Thank you for the reply Joe 91. the version i am currently on is 21.3.75 and i downloaded today

the same thing is seen in sales also.
thank you

I can reproduce this and have moved the topic to bugs.

Thats wonderful and thank you for the reply will be waiting for it o be resolved soon.

Actually this is not a bug. It was simply never implemented. The only thing that has changed is that newer versions no longer hide the field type field for line items.

I do not want to hide them because this functionality is coming very soon.

There is already feature request in ideas covering this:


YUP!!! I agree with lubos, when can i expect the addon for dropdown list in sales or purchase line items- just asking for a little headsup.

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