Aged Receivables Detail Report

Is there a way to format the Aged Receivables Report to show the individual invoices that make up the balance due by customer? Typically, within accounting software there are two types of aging reports: summary and detailed. The one that is presented in Manager now is a summary report sans any detail.

Or is there another way of producing a detailed aging report that doesn’t require me to cobble something together or export to Excel and format it manually?

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I generally try to avoid making reports which simply show just transactions. These reports can get long. One of the reasons I don’t like Tax Transactions and General Ledger Transactions reports.

But perhaps this is a job for custom reports.

I just wanted to add, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked for the details behind the numbers. In the case of the summary Aged Receivables Report, the question is invariably “What invoices make up these numbers?”

If I could produce a detailed aging report that grouped the outstanding invoices above or below the balance due for each customer, I could practically eliminate that repetitive question and answer routine. And that would be a good thing. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for taking the issue into consideration.

@BeanCounter, you highlight a theme that runs through many requests from users. Is Manager a computer-based accounting system designed for a user sitting in front of the screen with a keyboard, who can instantly drill down on active links to answer questions? Or is it merely a document generator designed to duplicate laboriously produced journals, vouchers, lists, and reports people used to review on paper?

@Tut, hopefully it will ultimately be both. Depending on the setting, both applications are valid. As the user sitting in front of the screen with a keyboard, I can drill down and very quickly answer the question I previously posed. However, as an accounting services provider I don’t want to do that repeatedly, especially if I’ve moved on to a different set of books when the call comes in. But printing out a detailed version of the aging report in PDF format and uploading it to Dropbox or attaching it to an email, I won’t get that phone call because the details are in the report.

Of course, somebody else’s situation may be different and they may have a lesser need to produce accounting information outside of the program. However in my extensive experience, there is almost always somebody who wants to see the accounting information in a paper or PDF format outside of the accounting software.


True, especially auditors


I think such report is crucially important, at least based experience, one of my customers stopped using the software cause of that

@Salah_Obaid, I could not agree with you more.

Opposing views given their due consideration, the fact of the matter is that nobody uses an accounting system for the joy of inputting data. It’s a laborious task at best. Granted, the price of “free” is a powerful incentive for some, but results-oriented people choose an accounting system for the output. The output. The ability to produce management and financial reports from varying perspectives that allow for the detailed examination of the business operations.

It is my hope that @lubos will one day provide us with a robust custom reports generator so that each user can design the reports they need without having to burden him with requests to design the types of reports he admittedly does not favor. When that day arrives it will be the icing on the cake for some, and that includes me.

In the alternative, if Manager could interface with a software product like Crystal Reports it would be the next best thing to a custom reports generator. In my opinion, either solution would work for those who need more dynamic reporting functionality.

Why don’t AGED RECEIVABLE REPORT in conjunction with Customer Statements Report don’t make the job?
I think @lubos is right. Producing a report 10-15 pages don’t make any sense

At list @lubos should enable a “massive” costumers report, a single pdf with a page for each customer. If I have 300 customer generating reports one by one is really a nightmare.

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Batch Print save as PDF @ Listing View

You don’t get the details of all the open invoices… that’s what we are talking about…

For those that might be interested, I have found third party custom report designer software that reads SQLite tables.

If @lubos would be willing to provide some feedback as to whether or not a third party report designer is compatible with Manager, such insight would be greatly appreciated.

Manager SQLite tables are cryptograhed. You cannot have direct access. The only way it’s through APIs. With the current ones is very difficult to access to massive data (you have to implement recursive scripts and some areas don’t even have an index file). Let’s see what the new APIs will bring in few months.

The latest version (19.9.3) has Show invoices checkbox on both Aged Receivables and Aged Payables reports.


Very nice but… I get this error:

Internal Error
19.9.3 (Server)
System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
  at ManagerServer.HttpHandlers.Businesses.Business.Reports.AgedReceivables.AgedReceivablesView.GetViewModel (Manager.Model.AgedReceivables report) [0x00953] in :0 
  at ManagerServer.HttpHandlers.Businesses.Business.Reports.Report2`1[T].GetViewModel () [0x00037] in :0 
  at ManagerServer.HttpHandlers.Businesses.Business.Reports.Report2.Get () [0x00000] in :0 
  at HttpFramework.HttpApplication.ProcessRequest (HttpFramework.HttpRequest request, HttpFramework.HttpResponse response) [0x000ae] in <9bb480c1c30e4f029803200ac8664e33>:0 
  at ManagerServer.HttpApplication.ProcessRequest (HttpFramework.HttpRequest request, HttpFramework.HttpResponse response) [0x00763] in :0

I get no errors, @lubos. Both Aged Receivables and Aged Payables reports work perfectly whether the box is checked or not. I’m on macOS v10.14.6.

Really a great feature,thanks a lot @lubos. :heart::blue_heart::purple_heart:

A very nice feature. Thank you @lubos.

This is great. Thank you.