Error Customer Aging Reports

Not sure is it a bug or typical reporting error.

I have invoice created say 22/1/2016 however the Financial Position is showing customer aging 90+ days.

On the other hand when I generate Aging report is showing the right block which is the Current Month blok.

Why are you creating aged receivables report as at 31/01/2016 which is in the future? Maybe on that date the invoice will be overdue. Even if it’s not as of today.

Also, financial position on Summary screen is as at certain date. If you have set the date in the future, then as of that future date, the invoice could be 90+ days overdue.

I used to be able to select from list of clients to send a particular Aged Report to the Overdue client. Now The Aged Report is Global or contains all of the clients with open invoices. I can not choose a particular one. Please advise.

You are thinking of a Customer Statement, I believe. Aged Receivables has always been company-wide.

No, I do sent out monthly statements and used to be able to send out individual aged reports when Overdue 60+. Now I do not have that option.

Have you looked at the Customer Statement? They provide exactly what you are describing.

Yes. I know it describes by dates. But just wondering why I used to be able to send an individual aged report and not anymore. No bid deal.

I don’t know what to tell you, @martagisela. To my knowledge, there has never been an aged receivable report for individual customers except for the Customer Statement, which plainly and obviously includes aged receivable information at the top. I could be wrong, but it would predate my use of Manager and would have been a very old version of the program.

I am very curious why you are insistent that the Customer Statement does not provide what you want.

I haven’t said that the Statement does not provide what I want or need. Just wondering why I used to be able to send an aged report to a particular client and now I can’t. Every 1st week of the month I send out the statements but on occasions, there is a particular client which does not pay on time and other than send them the statement again. I would send them the aged report with a reminder. Fortunately it is not a recurrent practice but wanted to know why.

Sorry, I can’t help.

@Martagisela, is this the report you’re looking for?

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