Report on customer inflows

I just want to run a report on my total receivables by customer and see it from highest to lowest amount.

That’s what Aged receivables report does under Reports tab, have you tried it?

Oh is that what that does. I will have to try that. Thank you. :grinning:

Yes I tried ‘Aged receivables’. It only shows me open or outstanding invoices by customer not what they have paid me since 1-1-15

I guess you want to know the total transaction or payment from each customer for a period. That report is not available now but you can use tracking codes for that purpose for now. In the future am sure we will have that kind of report.

Tracking Codes

You can get this with a customer statement, choosing the Transactions option. But it will only give you one customer at a time, not a list in descending order, if that’s what you desire.

Thanks Tut see attached screenshot of the bottom half of one such report. True I can see by customer the transactions for said period of time but no total on what they paid me during that time? Without manually adding the invoices of course

Export the listing. Import to Excel and manipulate to your heart’s content.