Aged Receivables Detail Report

@Davide, check the latest version (19.9.4). I think I found the problem.

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Solved. Thanks @lubos. Can we immagine also a new report, under this false line, of all the transactions for each customer/supplier. A sort of aggregation/summary of the “Customer/Supplier statement (transactions)” for internal use?

I have used the (19.9.4) version and found that the software lost its ability to drill down from aged receivable report. Is it temporary problem? because I really find that ability very useful for analytical purposes

If you select the new option “Show invoices” when creating or editing the report, then you can drill down to the individual invoice

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Great feature! Thks!
Just one more thing to make it even more useful: could you pls add the Invoice Description next to the Invoice Reference when showing the invoices that make up the totals?