Custom Reports for Accounts Receivable/Debtors

I need to produce a custom report for debtors who have paid and for those who are still outstanding. Is this possible yet and if not when do you think it will be available. My requirement is fairly urgent as I need to process this/these reports for end of year financials and to then export details to Excel format for processing by another section of our organisation. Any advice please.

The Aged Receivables report will tell you everything that is still outstanding. The Sales Invoices register will show you status of all sales invoices and can be exported.

Can I generate the Aged Receivables report as a Custom report as I need to add a “Description” column to it?

Firstly, adding a question to a three year old thread is not a great idea - it is better practice to create a new topic but however …

The Aged Receivables report prints the Supplier Code, if it is available, and the Supplier Name along with the receivables data

There isn’t much room for a Description and in any case, where would this Description come from?

You could copy the report to a spreadsheet and add the Description there

What would you expect the Aged Receivables report to show if a customer has 15 unpaid sales invoices spread across all 5 aging categories? Which “description” would you have shown? Now multiply that by 50 customers, and you have a completely impractical report.

Aged Receivables is a summary. Details are available by drilling down on balances in each of the columns. This is not something that is going to customers, but an internal tool. And it is not meant to be used only on paper, but by people with access to the program and the data for the business.

Thanks Tut - I take your point.
I need a report to present to a Board that shows as below - which is Sales Invoices exported to an Excel spreadsheet - can this report be generated through then - rather than exporting?

@rolypark, what you show is exactly the format of the Sales Invoices tab listing. Just export it to a spreadsheet.

Thanks Tut - exactly - I am wondering if I can generate the report from within without going through the export process?

That is the only way I know.

Thanks Tut