Aged receivables report by month

Hi @Tut,

Is it possible to check my receivables as “monthly” under reports. instead of 1-30 days / 31 - 60 days.

I want to make sorting my companies’ receivables as January February so on…



Dear @lubos

Can’t we add an option for creating the custom sorting for receivables and payables?


What do you mean by custom sorting? Do you mean having custom columns on Aged Receivables report? If so, why?

Hey I’ve missed your answer. Sorry for responding late @lubos

One of my company wants to see the aged receivables as monthly on the Ages receivables statement. Because of their payment term. (A month’s bills must be paid at the end of next month )

All customers paying their invoices according to the invoice date.(monthly amounts)

Currently; Manager gives me the report based on days range. I can’t do proper report for them. Example; Today is 3thAugust when i got the report, previous month amounts(less then 30 days dated invoices) are on current amount status.(should be in august section)

Is there any way for handling this ?

Thank you

There is no way to do this with an existing Manager report. Aging reports in accounting are almost always presented in terms of days. Otherwise, there is no way to distinguish transactions 2 days old from those 29 days old.

But you could easily generate a report like you describe by exporting the list from the Sales Invoices tab, sorted by Date. A little conditional logic in a spreadsheet could sort unpaid invoices into monthly groups.