Customizing Aged Receivables Reports

All my customers have codes. Is it possible to add the account codes to the report instead of only the customers names?

Added to the latest version (16.2.2)

Thank you @lubos

Another question. Is it possible to get the credits included into the Aged Receivables Report?

Currently you can only shows the debits.

Aged receivables reports typically only show outstanding invoices. Manager follows this practice. If you want a report that shows all transactions with a customer, generate a Customer Statement and select that option:

Aged Receivables reports should show all balances for all Customers regardless of Debit or Credit.

For Audit purposes, the balance on the Aged Receivables report must reconcile with the balance of the BS Accounts Receivables account - otherwise one would have to waste their time creating a reconciliation to explain any variations - why, when the software already has the answer.

I don’t disagree with you, @Brucanna. I only point out that typical aged receivables reports only show outstanding invoices. This is one reason I was disappointed when Customer credits and Supplier credits were absorbed into Accounts receivable and Accounts payable. While the arithmetic is equivalent, I agree that the aged receivables report should match the balance sheet. When advances/credits/overpayments/etc. were separately accounted for in the credits accounts, that was the case.

My comment about transactions-type statements was an attempt to help the OP find both debit and credit information about a customer.

There in lies the problem - it should be an “Accounts Receivables” report, one that reconciles to the balance of the BS Accounts Receivables account with an extension providing an analysis of the aging of the those balances. Same should apply to Accounts Payables