Server Edition not accesible over lan

I have installed the Server edition on an old PC to try in order to purchase it. I have configures everything in order for it to work over the LAN, like port forwarding, firewall setting etc, the PC replies to the ping requests but I can not connect form other PC on the network. Can anybody help?

You don’t need port forwarding to access within LAN.

My guess is that computer on which you have installed Manager Server has firewall which is blocking incoming connections. If your old PC is Windows, try to temporarily disable firewall to see if it solves your issue.

My findings since Windows 7 where managerserver.exe is being hosted, You have to explicitly allow the firewall for outbound and inbound of that specific port that Manager Server Listens to by default. ‘8080’. Then you can access by lan.

Thank you for your reply, I have already done all that, port forwarding and firewall exceptions to allow connections for the program but no luck!

i’m no expert but you can try this:

  1. on server pc (where you installed manager) open command and type ipconfig, then press enter

  2. look into your ipv4 address line, it will tell you the ip currently being used by manager. just keep it open

  3. go to/find your manager .exe file, run it

  4. it should show something like this


  1. on your server pc open a browser (chrome) type your ipv4 address: example:
  2. then add :8080
  3. meaning type this on your browser: then press enter.
  4. you should be on the login page. (if not refer to the above experts’ tips.)
  5. if you can login, then u can open it on the other LAN pcs. (make sure you don’t install manager in the other LAN pcs, only on the server pc)
  6. on the LAN pcs, open a browser, type the same ip of the server+8080 example: press enter.

hope this helps somehow

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Please try add @ exception firewall list on port (8080) not programs (managerserver.exe). It happened to me once. Located at Advance Settings.

@CarettaFPS what port are you using if its not the default one ‘8080’?

In Lan there is no need for port forward. port forward only relevant when you try to access via public internet network (need external ip for it)

May I know what os device are you using to access the server?

Be sure to check there is no other software than managerserver.exe using the default port 8080

Upload the screenshot of the error or the part that you are stuck.