Server Edition Only working on the Server not on Network

Please help me I run a travel agency in India and i use Manager Server Edition for my billing purpose . on last 13th April turn on the Account Machine (Manager Server Edition) can not access from any other computer to log in … its showing site can not be reached . When I am using the Account Machine going to chrome typing the Ip address its opening in that particular machine but not opening in any other machine.

Please help me shorting out this problem …



this is a network issue you will have to rectify locally.

server editions are only recommended for business having necessary technical expertise in running and maintaining the same. if your business do not have the necessary technical expertise, please consider upgrading to the cloud edition.

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Check the firewall allowing port 8080.

actually they need to check both the router and server’s firewall. allow incoming port 8080.

this incident may be due to windows update (reset firewall setting), or the router crashed and need to be restart.

on the side note check the server’s ethernet cable of it’s wifi card (usb) whether its actually connect to the router.

or the ip of the server had changed and need to recheck it’s latest local area network ip

Thanks a lot guy there was a problem with the Firewall windows was updated and the firewall got enabled.

Where to buy server edition product key? what is price monthly?

Read the Guide about how to self-host Manager. There is no monthly fee. You must buy an annual cloud subscription.