Access Historic Cloud Storage

Hi There,

I have a client who has been using a very old version of Manager Cloud (Version 13.5.4888). I have tried the link to but that appears to not be active anymore. When trying to logon using the email address and password option in the application it comes back with Error despite us knowing that the Password is correct. We tried the “Forgot Password” option but we don’t appear to be getting the emails to reset it - checked the spam filter and nothing is listed.

Any help would be appreciated.


The Cloud service is always the latest version, therefore if your client is using an old version then they must have stopped subscribing to it in 2013 and perhaps resulting from that they no longer have access to the Historic Cloud Storage.

If they are still using Manager, then they must be using the Desktop version which is free but it will be in an old file format which needs to be converted - read the following topic