Lost access to cloud account

hello i really need help on my case
We used to use Manager for our company, all our invoices and receipts in it, the responsible employee left us and we need to get the informations from Manager but we dont have the username or password
Im seeking help from Manager Management for the above subject.


Desktop, server or cloud version?

By the way have you had a look at https://forum.manager.io/search?q=server%20password

@IGA, please do not divert topics with unrelated questions. Yours had nothing to do with problems using the Chromium browser. Posting it there would mean no one with any ability to help you recover your account would notice it.

I have moved your post and @Patch’s response to a new topic.

I am not sure but i think its cloud version

@IGA it’s best if you email to support@manager.io with more details such as your login URL or anything that will help us find your subscription.

If you do not know which edition you are using, you have no hope of resolving your problem until you figure that out. There are three possibilities: