Unable to access Manager

Hi, we are facing some trouble accessing Manager. It says that backups cannot be taken and we are locked out of the system. Could you please help. Thank you

You need to provide more information.
Which Manager Edition, computer system being used and a fuller description of the problem.

We were using manager but our server has had some problems and needs to be shut down. We have manager.io on premise hosted solution running on it and would like to take a backup of our business but when we try to access the link it shows no business unit.
We might have forgotten the initial administrator password but have full access to the DB and other accounts created (with admin privileges)
in it. Please provide us a solution how to take a backup and deploy to a new server. Thanks

If you forgot your administrator password for server edition, then just click Forgot password link on login screen which will show instructions how to reset this password.

If you still can’t see your businesses on server edition then someone must have deleted it or you’ve launched server edition with different path switch which makes Manager to look for data elsewhere.

Sure you’ve done backups of your server edition before or this is the first time you are trying to backup server edition and have no backups at all?

We have manager server edition which was purchased for $199. However, We cannot seem to host this. We will sign up for the web version instead. Could you please assist us in adjusting/refunding this amount against that.

This is public forum. For billing matters, you can send email to billing@manager.io