My accountant needs to access my account

My accountant needs to access my Manager account. I have added her as a user, but she still cannot access my account. When she downloads Manager, it comes up and asks her to create an account.

Cloud Storage is now obsolete. It still works in older versions but it is no longer available in newer versions thus unsupported.

I recommend you to upgrade to the latest version from and follow tutorial at to export your data from Cloud Storage into the latest version.

Once you do this, open your accounting file in the latest version. You will see Backup button in top right corner. Use this button to save your accounting file on your computer and email it to your accountant.

Your accountant will now need to also install newer version. If she is being asked to create an account, she is using old version. New versions are 100% offline and creation of account is no longer required. So when she has the latest version, she can simply click Add Business button, then select Import... which will allow her to open your accounting backup file you have sent her to open on her computer.