After upgrade lost all my account

After an upgrade, I am no longer given the option to access my account. I try to import a backup and nothing happens!

I’ve installed an older version and I can log in, but I am not allowed to access my account without upgrading, however once upgrade completes, business vanishes, and I have no option to login.

EDIT: I found a save in .local/share/manager. imported that file… worked, for anyone else who may have this problem.

The issue here is that newer versions no longer contain option to login. If you have used login feature to access your data, you will need to go to to retrieve them from cloud in order to access them in the latest version which doesn’t depend on cloud anymore.

So, I’ll need to do regular backups now? Just so I know.

Yes. When you open your accounting entity, there is a backup button in top-right corner for that purpose.