Ability to Input Different Prices for the Same Product

Hello Team,

I have been able to set up Manager for 4 companies so far.

2 companies are into trading and they want to have the ability to input different prices for the same product in the system that they can select when invoicing. For example for product A, there will be Wholesale Price, Retail Price and Corporate Price etc… so that when invoicing, we will have the ability to chose either price to invoice.

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There is no such feature except when dealing with inventory items that you could create one for each type of price. Otherwise just enter from a separate printed list the prices per type.

I think this is a valid advantage and there are several topics related to the multiple product prices
This feature is present in most accounting programs

We hope that attention will be given in the near future
Thanks for your efforts in development


This is a very crucial feature for my business as well. If we had the ability to set a default price list for each customer it would be just perfect.

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This is already in ideas: Pricing Levels. I am closing this topic.