Price lists

In our company we have different price lists for same inventory item and same customer for example we have prices for cash and another for credit I suggest we can put in item setting different tabs for every prices one price is the default and enable the user to change the default price to the required price in sales invoice

Is there a response from the team members?

When you generate a sales invoice you can set the price for an inventory item and also do things such as apply a discount (select it; see screenshot) and a column where you can set discounts per line item that appears.

Screenshot 2021-06-28 at 09.00.19

I think you did not understand me i asked about price lists for one item appear automatically

I did understand your request. You can not set it as such in inventory item (cost price and sales price) because at the point of selling it to a customer you need to manually add the sales price and discounts, etc. There is no automatic pricelist that does this.

If you are asking for more than one price per item e.g. price levels, it is not possible.
Customer A pays $110
Customer B pays $100
Customer C pays $90

is not possible.
You can however change the price while entering the transaction.

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