Multiple customers with different price for each

Hi i am a new user and i think it’s an amazing software. Trying to adjust it to my needs and i have some issues. I have 101 different products and 5 different customers. I sell each product in a different price for each customer (greek reality!!!). Is there a way that i can manage an inventory so that every time i create an invoice, the right price will come out depending on the customer i’m selling to???
The only solution that i came up with is to create an 505 items inventory(with different prices) and for each product i’ll put the initial letter of the customer in the description column.
Also i would like to ask for your help for another issue. I actually don’t have an inventory, i just use it in order to add all my products in Manager. Is there another way to add my products?? i red something about “sales invoice items” but i don’t seem to find that in Manager.

Thanks again for an amazing software

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If you don’t have an inventory, don’t use Inventory Items tab.

Use Sales Invoices Items under Settings tab. You will have to create 505 items though. The good news is that you can keep list of items you sell in a spreadsheet which can have formulas and periodically batch updates prices from spreadsheet to Manager.

@lubos thanx a lot! I already have that spreadsheet and indeed its really usefull that i can batch updates!

Hi lubos. I’m new here. I like the simplicity of this program.
I have different prices for different customers. Since i am keeping track of inventory, i won’t be able to create inventory with different prices of the same item. Is there an option to set a price list per customer so that the correct customer price for that particular item comes up when i am invoicing?

Not currently

You could with a work around, but it involves a bit of management. Lets say you have Product A and you sell it at these prices R, R -5% R-10%. You would set up all three and purchase all inventory to the normal selling price as below.

When you sell an item, just select the price required and if its not the normal selling price it will show up as a Back Order. Then periodically by using the Inventory Transfer tab you can clear the Back Orders against the inventory held.

If a lot of Sale Prices need adjusting then Export the Inventory Items to a spreadsheet and manually adjust or use formulas and then reload using Batch Update

Thanks for the input. This does require a lot of management as i have a huge list of inventory and customers and this method still requires that i know the price for each customer. I hope they look into implementing this Customer Price List feature in future updates.
Thanks once again.

You build their pricing into the Customer code - if you have Customer Able Building Company and they get 10% then their code is ABC-10

Alternately, have each Inventory Item with only one selling price and combine that with the Customer code, so if its ABC-10, then enter 10% as the discount on the Sales Invoice.

this method still doesn’t solve the inventory tracking issue.

Yes it does, why do you think that.

All inventory goes through Purchase Invoices and Sales Invoices.
The exact same method that Inventory Items are tracked by every other Manager User.

In the accounting program I’m currently using I can set a customer to a type (in my case consumer or reseller) and then have pricing on inventory items be allowed to be set up for customer ‘types’. In this way we can easily do different pricing (it’s not a clean % discount) for our wholesale and retail business.

Having to have completely different inventory items for wholesale and resale (although the parts are the same) is doable but seems like it should be unnecessary. I give the above example just so you can see how it’s been done elsewhere.

Thanks for at least contemplating a software change.