Inventory invoicing

Maybe someone can help. We started a new bussiness where we sell inventory. We have differrnt cuSTOMERS THAT BUY THE SAME ITEMS BUT DIFFERENT PRICES IS THERE A WAY WE CAN CREATE CUSTOM PRICE LIST LIKE IN QUICKBOOKS

No, but depending on the number of items, you could set up Sales Quotes with different prices and use them as a basis for creating a Sales Invoice

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You can also clone past sales invoices for a specific customer, then edit them for changed quantities.

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You can also use different inventory kits pointing to the same inventory items with different prices.

Interesting question.

I think its a normal practice of trading business that inventory items are open to sell @ different prices. From accounting point of view you must not disturb the historical cost of an item. For selling same items at various prices, maybe discounts for large quantity or exceeding certain amounts should be shown on face of invoice rather adjusting the unit selling price.

How do your tax department addresses such situation? In my country (Pakistan) it is not lawful to reduce sales tax by reducing the unit price.

No tax reduction or changing of cost. Just a smaller markup

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For ease and practicality reasons: I would prefer to manually charge different selling price on case to case spot basis or use quotes to support charging different prices.

Please do share with us what you finally decided to handle such situations.

PS. We have accounting and auditing watch dogs… :slight_smile: be careful.