Multiple Sales Prices for an inventory item

I want to have Multiple Sales Prices for an inventory items; like retail, whole sale and credit sale prices so that I should have the option of selecting price for the item while creating invoices and there should be an option in customers field to select pricing category. Is this already available or not ?


Price levels for inventory items are not available. It’s certainly something that is planned but can’t give you ETA.

I would like to second this request, its common to have multiple prices for a single Item for many reasons.

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Multiple Sales Prices for an inventory items required for diverant Provinces i.e: Eastern Cape, Gauteng etc.

Please enable multiple sales prices per item. TY.

Sales prices show on sales invoices. For the time being you can always decide what sales price you will sell items for to your customer per line item in an invoice and receipt.

I use % to determine different price levels. The software I use now does that automatically.
Of course, I see I can put a price of my choosing, but to know which % I’m applying I would
have to calculate it outside the software, which is time-consuming and error-prone.
I should have known it wasn’t a real possibility since it was asked over 7 years ago.
Thanks anyway.

In manager you can use calculations in the unit price field per line item such as 0.075*100 (equals 7.5% of 100) . So no need to calculate this outside Manager first. It will not show the formula after update only the result such as 7.5.