Pricing Levels

It has been asked before and all I was seeing from 2015 was that Lubos was saying that pricing levels are going to appear pretty soon.

Anything yet?

More info:

Different Discount per Customer.
I want to give a
customerA, a fixed discount of 30%
customerB, a fixed discount of 60%
customerC, a fixed discount of 5%

And when the customer is picked in the invoice/offer, the discount is automatically transfered
I should have the option of the discount being visible or not. (Not a priority).

This has not been implemented.

I am looking for this feature, too. Is it still in project?

Tut is going to hate me soon …

I too need multiple pricing levels for RETAIL, WHOLESALE and DISTRIBUTOR, happy to setup as discount levels but need it to be applied as a default on customer so I do not have to enter it on the invoice line. I just tried at the Customs Field level but whilst it shows on the Card it has no effect at the invoicing stage. I dear say I am missing a step.

You are not missing anything. This just cannot be done.

Dare I say it is not going to be either ?

Just wondering if there was any update on being able to give customers set discounts as per Giorgos_Arnakis

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