Aangifte omzetbelasting doen

Dear Forum,

I look for help / advise / guidance about filling the Aangifte omzetbelasting in NL.I have read everything I can! There are not too many transactions. Thanks.

Are you looking for help in filling in a tax declaration for Sales Tax in the Netherlands? Is there not a guide on the Government’s/Receiver of Revenue’s website for the Netherlands?

There is a “general” idea and the Dutch system is a bit " dynamic".

You can send me a private message, so we can communicate in Dutch as your problem has probably nothing to do with a bug in Manager.
Or you can try to contact Hennie, a great contributor to this forum, also translator, and an experienced tax-guy.

Do you have already installed the Dutch localisation (Importeren in the Instellingen tab in the right top corner)? If so, then there should be the “Concept BTW-aangifte” at the bottom of the reports tab.

Hello Mark,
I didnt see this. Nop

Thank Ries!

Apparently all localisations are currently suspended due to proposed up coming changes :

Read the “Secondly” section of this opening topic Update compliants as it would apply to all countries.

OK, thanks for the link. However, the Dutch localisation is still available and it works fine in v20.7.78: