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Hello, I noticed there are some dutch people in here, I hope you can help me. I have been playing around with Manager for a while, and I am running into something I don’t quite understand; it seems the program assumes that all I need to do is keep a running total of received and paid BTW, so all that is needed is one single account. Thing is of course that we have to register these two separately, how did you solve this? All I have been able to think of sofar is define separate tax codes for BTW received, and BTW paid, and have those point to seperate BTW accounts.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.



Hi Jeroen,

If i understand correctly: You want the BTW set for specific items?

I think it would be easiest if you set your BTW in your “rekening schema” chart of accounts. Usually it would calculate it in the “concept BTW aangifte” (which can be downloaded at the main manager IO site)

unless I’m forgetting something…

Well, if I understand correctly, the BTW on my purchases (‘te vorderen BTW’) and the BTW on my sales (‘af te dragen BTW’) is put into the same account, which leaves me with just a balance of the two. Normally I would have these two in their separate accounts, yes?

Do you have the Dutch BTW rates installed? If not, here’s the link:

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Line 56 (5b) in the Concept BTW Aangifte is not correct but you can change it yourself: Concept BTW rapport (Dutch VAT report) - #3 by Mark

Manager uses just one VAT-account. All transactions allocated to this account will be shown in the built-in reports. Don’t add codes yourself.
If you create new VAT-accounts, these accounts will not appear in the report BTW-concept aangifte.
You have to download the localization-file from the Manager website. Once downloaded go to Settings (Instellingen) click on Importeren and navigate to the file you just downloaded and install this file. Next step is click on Btw-tarieven in the Instellingen menu. For BTW 21% and BTW 9% click on Bewerken and at Rekening select Af te dragen BTW. When you do this Manager will allocate all transactions to the proper account. As said, only the built-in Btw-tarieven will show up in the concept-BTW-aangifte. Tarieven you create yourself don’t show up.
In case you encounter problems, you can send me a private message and I can be of further assistance

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@ J-curve
See my reply to your question.

@ Mark
Please don’t confuse new users of Manager with something which is a point of discussion on this forum. Manager calculates the VAT in a correct way when you use the built-in VAT-codes. The discussion is one of how the figures are presented not whether the concept-btw-aangifte is correct.

yes, I have

Thanks for your reply, I’m going to see if I can make it work

Hallo Hennie,

Gebruik dit programma vanaf april en ook al btw aangifte gedaan over 2e kwartaal 2022. Nu zijn de btw bedragen in de rubriek ‘af te dragen btw’ terecht gekomen. Op welke wijze kan ik deze rubriek weer op nul krijgen zodra de daadwerkelijke verrekening met de belastingdienst heeft plaats gevonden.
Ben al een paar dagen op zoek naar de oplossing doch tot nu toe niet gevonden.

This is an English language forum.

Please edit your post to replace it with or at least include and English language translation.

As mentioned you should use English. To offset the “af te dragen BTW” you need to create a payment to the amount you paid the tax authorities.

In a test business I created a receipt into a test bank account for “verkopen” (sales) for a test customer and selected 21% VAT. I then created a payment from the bank account against the liability account as per picture below:

Most business will import bank statements and if this dealt with clearing VAT you could create a Payment Rule in Settings so the amounts are allocated to the “Af te dragen” liability account.

Dag Errol,

Indeed, this forum is in English only.

All VAT-codes have one general ledger account VAT Payable (Af te dragen BTW)
All VAT tax-amounts are booked on this account. When you pay your tax to the Tax-authorities or when you receive an amount from them, book this amount on that same general ledger account. This account as a matter of fact shows the actual balance you have with the Tax-authorities.

If it is not clear please let us know or send me a private message so that I can help in your own language when it is a very specific, personal question…

Isn’t this forum English only?

Yes we are all saying that and replied in English.

First he replied in Dutch and then he edited the reply (see the pencil) and changed it to English. But never mind. You already saw that of course.

Hello Hennie,

I can’t select ‘af te dragen btw’ when I book the amount from my bank in this system. I only can select the accounts expenses. Do I have to change settings in the program?

Hello Eko,

Thanks for your reply but I can’t select ‘af te dragen btw’ when I book the amount from my bank in this system. I only can select the accounts expenses. Do I have to change settings in the program?

@etahztmr you need to at least have the following:

  1. Business with localization Nederland
  2. In CUSTOMIZE you need to at least activate: Bank and Cash Accounts, Receipts, Payments, Customers.
  3. You also need to have created (using the Tabs) at least: one Bank Account, one Customer, one receipt with and amount and BTW (VAT) selected so that as you already have now an amount in ‘af te dragen btw’
  4. To get pay the BTW (VAT) in account ‘af te dragen btw’ you need to create a Payment with Payee contact Other where you can type a name such as Belastingdienst (do not use supplier). Note that it is quicker to select an account to start typing "af te dr). This will reduce the amount in the account as you pay the authorities. To get a refund you could either create a receipt (is cleaner) or a payment but then with a negative amount (-).