Question about concept btw aangifte (dutch)

Hello i had a question.

In earlier versions of manager i could make a rapport with a concept BTW aangifte (concept VAT declaration?) so with this rapport i could do my vat declaration every Quater of the year.

In the new version, this function is gone. is there someway this function could get back in the program? because than i can do my vat declaration myself and don’t have to use a bookkeeper for this.



You haven’t said what version you were using before and what version you upgraded to, so it is difficult to give a precise answer

Have you followed the instructions here Localizations for the Netherlands

Check that your Tax Codes are correctly setup


Didn’t find those instructions (didn’t know that they existed, is there somewhere where you can download more of these feuatures and where can i find this).


At the top of the Manager home page:

General instructions are in the Guides: Add localized settings and features | Manager. You can usually find such things using the Guides search function: Search the Guides | Manager.