Concept VAT Report disappeared

Hello All,

Is anyone else having the problem that the “Concept BTW (VAT) Report” is missing from Manager? Normally, under “Reports” - “VAT” there was an option to generate concept vat reports. Ive been using them a lot but I dont see that option anymore.

If someone could help me that would be great as im finishing Q2 - 2020 admin :slight_smile:


Have you downloaded and installed the Netherlands localization:


The link does not work here. Do you experience problems with the link as well?

That link has been deactivated since I posted it. Localizations are being moved inside the program. But the process is not yet complete. Eventually, you will click the Import button under the Settings tab. But your country is not yet included in this process.

However, if you had the worksheet previously, it should still be available to you. Or are you setting up a new business?

Hello Tut

Thanks for your response. It is an existing business. I find it strange that it disappeared haha.
Also important to note is that im working under version 20.7.56. On my other computer I have an old version where BTW concept report is still available.

Ahhh maybe its because I downloaded a new version but didnt download the localization!
Tut, do you know when localizations are finished? :slight_smile:
Hopefully this solves the vat calc tab haha.

I don’t know. There have been no announcements.

Go to setting (Instellingen). In the top right corner you find the buttom Import.
Click on that button and Country appears. You can scroll down and you’ll see Nederland
Click on that and then "Concept BTW-Aangifte appears. Tick the Box and all Dutch tax-codes will be imported including the Concept BTW-aangifte.

Lots of success.


After you did what Hennie wrote you will find the [Concept BTW Aangifte] by clicking on the tab
[Rapporten] and then under the header [Rapport Transformaties] you will find [Concept BTW Aangifte].
Maybe you have to scroll down the page, as the header [Rapport Transformaties] is on the right side of the page, last item.
So you won’t find [Concept BTW Aangifte] under [Rapporten]-[BTW-tarieven].

@Hennie, all I get is:

Screen Shot 2020-07-13 at 2.44.51 PM

No scrolling possibilities. Is this possibly a Mac-only bug? Do you see more countries in the list? I’ve been wondering when others would appear for several updates.

It’s language related! See Aangifte omzetbelasting doen - #9 by Mark

See Aangifte omzetbelasting doen - #9 by Mark

Just installed Free version of Manager on a Mac. No problems importing Dutch VAT:

Yes, I just discovered—thanks to @Mark—that you need to know to switch languages first.

Thank you all for the great help!