My error in Concept BTW Aangifte report

Something odd happens when creating the Concept BTW Aangifte Report.
Sales to customers in other EU-countries are summarized under “3b Leveringen naar of diensten in landen binnen de EU”. The sales tax is to be reported and paid by the recipient.
I generated an invoice for a customer in the EU and in the report Concept BTW Aangifte there is a tax calculated and added to the second (sales tax) column after “4b Leveringen/diensten uit landen binnen de EU”. This is incorrect.

The fields 4b, 5a and 5b in the column “Omzetbelasting” should have been 0 in this case.

It looks like you’ve selected the wrong VAT code. Can you show a screenshot of the invoice creation page (possibly masking personal data)?

I don’t think he selected the wrong VAT code.
Probably he did’t import the initialization file for the Netherlands.
Once downloaded there is a step to be taken, which is not in the guides.
You have to check every single VAT-code and see that the VAT code is linked to the tax payable account.
Once everything is set the proper way the Concept BTW Rapport shows the correct values
So it is a matter of correct settings.
Warning: The Concept BTW Aangifte Rapport calculates only with the standard codes as in the initialization file. The report ignores custom defined VAT codes.
In close coöperation with Lubos, the developer of Manager, I have tested the report before it was released and it is error-free.

When you drill down (click on that 21 / amount / link) it will show you the transactions resulting in a non zero value.

You can then check they they have appropriate tax codes.

If you still believe it is reporting incorrectly, posting a screenshot of this transactions edit screen would be helpful.

First I want to thank those who were so kind to reply and give their thoughts on my issue.
@Mark, maybe you are right I chose the wrong VAT code: I used “BTW 21% EU” for an outgoing invoice. I will explain why in a minute.
@Hennie: thank you for your suggestion, but I imported the Dutch localisation file. I did not know about the required check for linking to tax payable account (but they look to be correct).
@Patch: thank you for your advise.
It appears since 2019 the way the Concept BTW Aangifte is generated has changed.
In 2019 I have been looking at and testing with Manager and I remember that in an invoice for an EU-client it did not matter which tax-code was used (BTW 0% EU, BTW 21% EU or BTW 9% EU) - those taxes would not be calculated. I did it that way because it was the way I was taught to do in the accounting software we were (and are) using. I dusted off my old laptop and tested again: in version 19.2.12 I could / can enter this invoice-item:

to get this result:

In recent version(s) of Manager it looks to me all entries BTW *% EU are added up and displayed in the second column of 4b.

One final question: am I right to assume I should use the BTW 0% EU tax code for ALL invoice items on invoices for EU customers?
Thanks for all the help.

When you export goods or services to customers inside and outside the EU you should use the VAT code 0% BTW EU or 0% BTW non-EU. When you import goods or services from an EU country, you should use 21% BTW EU and when you import from outside the EU, you should use 21% BTW non-EU.
I hope this explanation helps.

You definitely did select the wrong VAT code as you should have selected BTW 0% EU.