Item Serial Number

Dear Sir,
I have Computer Shop. I have to handle product warranty along with item serial number. It will be the best option for us who handle business like me. Can you please add this feature to manager?

If I am doing mistake, please forgive me.

Manager does not handle inventory by serial numbers. All units of an inventory item are presumed to be interchangeable.

When you sell an item, you can enter the serial number in a custom field. See

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I know. Did you watch the video? That feature is more helpful. I think it will be a better opportunity for all.

And thank for fast reply.

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I have mentioned previously, I have an idea how to incorporate serial number tracking into Manager so I’m confident Manager will have this feature soon.


@lubos Sir,

Thank you so much for thinking about that. It will be a great feature. Waiting for your update, Sir.

Thanks & Regards
Md. Nahid

any working info on this one ? @lubos

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I really want to know, when will this feature release to Manager
Manager need to improve Inventory module and it will be perfect one

Hi Lubos, that would be great. Serial numbers are an important feature of inventories. While you’re working on this, may I suggest that you also look into batch numbers and expiration dates? Then you would have a full inventory system (just excluding repairable items, which are a bit out of scope for an accounting software). Cheers

is this feature available now?

Things in the “Idea” forum classification have been assessed as appropriate to incorporate in Manager at some time but have not been added yet. When this idea has been implemented it will be removed from the ideas category.

@lubos it’s been five years-think this will not be in manager?

Let me correct @Patch slightly. Ideas have been assessed not to violate basic accounting principles, to probably be technically feasible, and to merit discussion and input by the user community. They have not necessarily been planned for implementation. While forum moderators can put suggestions meeting those criteria into the ideas category, only the developer decides if an idea will be incorporated.

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Is this feature updated yet?

No, and it is unlikely to be implemented - as that would involve a lot of extra work

Batches/Lots could be handled just like payments are assigned to sales/purchase invoices. By introducing a new tab Batch/Lots where all the inventory purchase transactions (either purchased through Purchase Invoice or Payments) would appear. So whenever an item is being used for Production or being Sold an extra column (Just like Invoices on account receivable/payable line, which would show all the Lots and an automatic option) should appear and the used quantity is assigned to that particular lot. And if someone dont want this feature they can turn it off.

What is really a purpose of this feature? It seems like different people expect this to be doing different things.

On the most basic level, if you just want to capture serial number / batch number when purchasing from supplier or selling to customer, then custom field is way to go. You can search for this custom field across all your transactions.

If you want to get inventory count which would need to look across multiple transaction types, then this can be still achieved by custom fields and advanced queries (advanced queries can group by custom field).

I’m not against implementing this is a built-in feature but there needs to be justification for it such as the feature cannot be provided using custom fields and advanced queries already.

Yes, this is the best option. However, Custom Fields placed on “Line” Fields (Purchase Invoice - Line/ Goods Receipt - Line/ Sales Invoice - Line/ Delivery Note - Line/ Receipt - Line) do not show up in reports.

They actually do.


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What I mean is on Reports. Custom Report cannot retrieve data on “Line” Fields

Did you try the Advanced Query function in for example Sales-Invoice lines (see screenshots). These produce custom reports within the parameters of the functional Tab and query.

In Sales Invoices tab click on Sales Invoices - Lines
Screenshot 2024-04-06 at 08.31.27

In the resulting screen click on advanced queries and select New Advanced Query

Screenshot 2024-04-06 at 08.33.59

Then edit/complete the query to your liking and click on create.