Item Serial Number

Dear Sir,
I have Computer Shop. I have to handle product warranty along with item serial number. It will be the best option for us who handle business like me. Can you please add this feature to manager?

If I am doing mistake, please forgive me.

Manager does not handle inventory by serial numbers. All units of an inventory item are presumed to be interchangeable.

When you sell an item, you can enter the serial number in a custom field. See


I know. Did you watch the video? That feature is more helpful. I think it will be a better opportunity for all.

And thank for fast reply.

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I have mentioned previously, I have an idea how to incorporate serial number tracking into Manager so Iā€™m confident Manager will have this feature soon.


@lubos Sir,

Thank you so much for thinking about that. It will be a great feature. Waiting for your update, Sir.

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Md. Nahid

any working info on this one ? @lubos

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I really want to know, when will this feature release to Manager
Manager need to improve Inventory module and it will be perfect one